The end of 2006

Well that was quite the year, wasn’t it? I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make more portables, between finishing the music for Port Washington and doing the Xbox 360 laptop a lot of my time was eaten up. Also the Ghost Documentary is still in the works, sigh… And I never made any “mass producible” portables like the Phoenix either. (Venting my regrets)

However we had over 1 million visitors this year, which I think is a record, so that’s pretty cool. Top projects were the Xbox 360 laptop and the single-handed controller. (I’m making another version of that BTW)

2007 should be better. For starters I always enjoy odd-numbered years more, not sure why. Probably because I always have the difficult projects on even numbered years (Lizard of Death 2000, Port Washington 2002, book 2004, Xbox stuff 2006) Strange how I become more superstitious as the years go by…

I’ve got several projects in the works at the moment that will emerge during the first few months of the year. The new makings-of for my projects will include about 75% more detail than before.

Also later this week we’ll have our first new podcast of the year which will cover our impressions of all the new systems and HDTV.

So thanks for the ride, be reasonably safe for New Year’s and have a great 2007!

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