Updates on the Progress of Things…

Well I just finished the design for the new Xbox 360 laptops. They’re quite similar to the THQ models, but “optimized” for easier construction. All the of side plates/DVD drive lids are flush with the sides of the case, the screws holding the lid on are around the screen (like the C64 laptop) instead of the top of the unit. Also I’ve ditched the camera, added a USB port, Ethernet port and the volume control is digital with up & down buttons. I guess it is fairly different!

Should have the first couple of these done in late June, so if you’re interested let me know!

In other news, Mike Troxel and I are building another C64 laptop, this time using the 1541-Ultimate via the cartridge slot. The idea is to auction it off for charity, so if you’ve been drooling over the prospect of having your very own C64 laptop, your dream could come true!

You’re not supposed to take photos inside of Warner Brothers, so if I had taken one (which, um, of course I didn’t!) it would have gone above.

Finally, I was in LA on Monday for the Jace Hall show. It was a lot of fun and the resulting segment should be pretty entertaining. I’ll post a link once they have it done.

10 thoughts on “Updates on the Progress of Things…”

  1. I’m almost sad that you found your niche (and thus paycheck) in making 360 laptops.

    I wish you all the best, and I wouldn’t be doing a damn thing differently if I were you, but in a self deprecatingly selfish sort of way, I miss the days when I could come here two or three times per week, and see a new crazy awesome unique handheld thing.

    Anyways, I hope you make a million dollars doing these 360 laptops (that I really don’t understand the appeal of), so you can go back to doing projects you enjoy.

    The C64, and Apple IIE laptops were freaking awesome at least.

  2. I want a commodore 64 laptop. what would be cooler? Whats the price? i hope its cheaper because it only takes two weeks to make!

  3. I agree with hossrex about the C64 and Apple IIE laptops. Unbelievable. Keep up the great work…

  4. Can you make the laptops smaller than they are now? like in an old mac body less than 2″ in all with the monitor and the 360 together? I would like one but I can’t afford it.:-(

  5. I’m definitely interested in the next Xbox 360 laptop. Hopefully that thumb drive problem gets fixed.

  6. Hello,

    FTA “Should have the first couple of these done in late June, so if you’re interested let me know!” doe this mean you are selling them? If so how much, and what is the timeframe? Very interested!!


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