VCSp – Back In Black


After nearly a year, another VCSp has finally been built in glorious black coloring! Surprisingly, I’ve gotten very few emails saying “why are they blue, they’re supposed to be BLACK!” so I guess people are OK with a blue VCSp, but deep down in my heart I knew I had to get them Back In Black.

The material I’ve been using to make VCSp’s is actually a graffiti-proof sign material called Densetec. Therefore, it’s hard to stick ANYTHING to it, let alone paint. This black coloring was accomplished using an epoxy resin mixed with black enamel. For a look that shines!

I am working on getting some custom molds designed for these things (which can be painted easily) but until then I can use epoxy enamel and vinyl to color the units I currently have. This will probably add about $20 to the cost of the unit. Is it worth it, I wonder?

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