Workshop Update – Call for RCA Pocket TV’s

As some of you may have noticed, I have very subtly begun taking pre-order names. (See the right-hand column). So far 7 Atari VCSp Rev 5’s have been built and sold. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but Mike and I are getting pretty proficient at these things, cranking out 3 a week…

(These pictures, which were NOT staged, show us hard at work on the VCSp’s of the future…)

Ben-       Mike-

The largest problem I find now is getting enough screens. The VCSp Rev 5 uses an RCA pocket television model L2501:

Have you seen this television?

I can only find these at Best Buy and they RARELY have more than 2 a week in stock (which I always plunder). So my question is this. Could potential VCSp buyers purchase this TV themselves? That way, the supply of these screens would not rely on ONE Best Buy store, but stores all across the WORLD! A VCSp buyer could get the screens, then ship it to me (along with an Atari for trade) and I’d have all the parts to build a VCSp, without all the running around and searching on my part. And of course, the price of the VCSp would be $130 less… OR if anyone knows where I could get these in bulk, that would also help.

Email and let me know what you think! An arrangement such as this could certainly speed production.

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