VCSp in EGM / Ben Survives Karaoke-Filled Memorial Day Weekend

I was in Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine’s July issue I have heard. Yes, just when you all thought the Game boy Advance was the coolest thing ever, along came my VCSp.  Anyway, I can remember reading that magazine WAY back when the Turbo-Graphx 16 was first released (CD QUALITY SOUND AND MIND-BLOWING GRAPHICS!)  but I never would have thought I’d be in it one day. Still waiting for my email from Nolan Bushnell!

A note on production. Even though I am doing my best to build these things for people, the reality of it is that I’m swamped with more requests than I can handle with any sort of speed. SO! If there are any entrepreneurs out there that would like to discuss any business ideas please drop me a line! Why? Because PEOPLE WANT IT!

I think the problem that recent owner(s) of Atari have had is that they think Atari is just “Asteroids”, “Missile Command” or “Pong”. They think of it like Hollywood does movies. Get the rights, then remake the old stuff over and over, or get people to buy something they already (ahem,  DVD!)

Atari isn’t a just a list of titles that did well in the arcade…
Atari is an IDEA.

Atari isn’t a bunch of re-programmed games slapped on a CD for play on a computer monitor using your keyboard…
Atari is sitting up all night eating chips and soda, peering at the interference-filled screen trying to beat your friend’s top score while holding a crappy uncomfortable pizza-sauce stained joystick.

Atari wasn’t just a company…
It was a way of life!

And I think that’s what people want. They want a way to relive those old memories. And that’s what I’m trying to help with, as best I can. Why am I doing all this? Because there are those of us who have loved videogames ever since their inception. And to us, Atari is king.

Long live the king.

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