Want a Rev 5.1? Come and get them!

Well, sort of. I am now taking orders for a run of 20-30 units. Probably no more than 30. Emails have been sent to everyone who inquired about the unit, but the basic idea is by taking pre-orders I can get an idea of the demand and buy a bunch of circuit boards / make cases accordingly.

So if you’re interested please let me know, thanks!

7 thoughts on “Want a Rev 5.1? Come and get them!”

  1. What WeightGeek said, you should ship some of your units [in general] to the UK, I live there myself.
    Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to the story of manufacturing after you’ve completed them 🙂
    :Goes around with a metal detector trying to find buried 2600:
    Good luck on finding them people!

  2. I was able to find someone who sold me a 4 switch Atari 2600 on atariage.com for 22.00 (shipped) which was way better than any auction on ebay.

  3. erm, his mates mum has a atari MUSEUM so I think she would have all formats of atari

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