Want me to make mass-produced Atari 2600 portables?

Man, second headline in a week using a question mark… weird… Anyway, I’ve got an idea to make a bunch of Atari 2600 portables, which would be a unit called the “Phoenix” (the name I’ve wanted to use for mass-produced VCSp’s for a long time now) It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve built any one unit in large quantities so it’s about time for some more!

Since some cost is involved to get started I’m looking for interest and input first. I’ve set up a page right here that displays the design and specs of this proposed portable. Take a look, then email me if you think this is of interest. I’ll use this to gauge if I should proceed or not – would probably be later this spring if I did.

If I did this, my goal would be 5 units a week – more than I’ve ever pumped out. That would be neat, eh?

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