Xbox 360 Laptop The Second

Behold my second and (unless someone gives me Miller Brewing company) last Xbox 360 Laptop!

Similar to the first model but redesigned in many ways. “Uses 60% Less Aluminum!”

For a full photo gallery and more info please see the article over on The bonus with this project is that I’ve documented the construction in a fair amount of detail and will be doing a 3 part “How To” also on Engadget, as unsurprising as that may seem. It’ll include art files and diagrams, so you can take a crack at modding a 360 on your own!

Xbox 360 Laptop 2 – Article on

Enjoy the photos and imagine yourself playing 360 by the pool surrounded by supermodels, but don’t rush to send me emails offered to trade in 5 Game Gears for this thing as I do not plan to build any more of these on consignment. (I am selling Atari 2600 Rev 5.1’s though!) It just takes to darn long, and I don’t have enough limbs to build enough for the demand. Sometimes I wish I could fall prey to an experiment gone wrong and wake up with 4 extra, hopefully metallic, robotic arms, but that probably won’t happen anytime soon so I’m sorry… However if you are carrying out any dangerous experiments that might result in appendage appending let me know.

But fear not – I’ve got loads of other projects on my backburners so they’ll be plenty of new stuff to check out on in the near future. As always, stay tuned!

Fun Xbox 360 Laptop 2 Videos:

Xbox Laptop 2 Video (iPod)
Xbox Laptop 2 Video (Large MP4)
Xbox Laptop 2 Video (Crummy vintage MPG)

65 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Laptop The Second”

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  2. Very nice!

    Since you’re not producing the thing, maybe you could distribute blueprints and ‘step by step manuals’ on how we can make our very own.

    …or you can just tease us with more things we can never hope to have

  3. RE: fedrebel’s comment..

    Dude – The whole point is to see that it can be done, and admire it, and if you have the guts, DO IT YOURSELF. He’s not a store (well, you know what I mean!). You say, “more things we can never hope to have”, what’s stopping you. Get off your butt and learn how to do cool things. He’s given ya more than you need to start with here already. If you have a problem, and actually MAKE progress in doing something, I’ve little doubt he wouldn’t offer a suggestion/help if you show him what you’ve done so far.

    Wost case, if you plan to remain completely uncapable of learning new things, you could always find someone and pay them. Ben is incredibly talented, but once something has been done, any skilled person could ‘clone’ it, now that the ground work is done.

  4. That thing looks quite spiffy! If i had the dough, I’d try to build one myself! It’d be a sweet thing to take to my friends’ halo parties! Of course, i’d have to give it my own color scheme…all black…with metal flames and various band logos metallicly etched into the surface….oooh…*drools on keyboard*

  5. Would it be possible to make the laptop 360 battery operated like a normal laptop. Also any chance of a tutorial as I’d love to make one meself 😀

  6. no one is worthy enough of living on the same earth as you and if I owned Miller Brewing Company I would give you money for the honor of you taking it off my hands.

  7. Looks great, do you have any indication as to what type of budget is required to make one of these? I may be able to get a 360 for free from s friend, but the monitor, casing, keyboard, etc.?

  8. Woo! Good… Wait, no. Great… Wait, no. Awesome job, Ben! It’s so awesome! Can’t wait for the How-To!

  9. Wow…now that’s the 360 elite I’d like to buy. As usual, wonderful craftsmanship and excellent work. Bravo. Can’t wait to see the how-to, though unfortunately I highly doubt I’d be able to build something like this.

  10. ebay em off ill bid on them and sure a million people would lol
    just spread the word when on x-s and other places and see what happens you’ll make bank off of them. just make and ebay them off and itll be easier to do than taking in orders lol.

  11. once i get a new 360 maybe ill try to build 1 with my old 1. or something like it…

  12. Hey i would love to buy an xbox 360 laptop even though i already have a 360 id buy 1 so any chance some day you’ll sell one of those name the price and would be ready to buy if its not rediculously high in price of course

  13. Scrapy-

    ‘ebay em off ill bid on them and sure a million people would lol
    just spread the word when on x-s and other places and see what happens you’ll make bank off of them. just make and ebay them off and itll be easier to do than taking in orders lol.’

    Yes exactly id bid on it too and yeah tons of other ppl would to

  14. Yo, this thing should get some copyright protection over it otherwise someone will copy it and sell it to Microsoft or someone else and get rich. You’ll all see it in a year or so in the shops and the guy on the news and he will be minted and Ben will have lost out.

  15. I hate you Ben! Pleasums for the looove of your Diety, sell this to Microsoft. I want one so bad.

  16. You know what ben, you should get a group of people like 5-10 and teach em how to make this stuff, and then sell em……
    you would be rich 😉

  17. It’s literally beautiful. I could “probably” clone it. It would take me forever though (probably til the “Xbox720” is released). Any tutorials? Diagrams? Blueprints? I’d like to have one of these things made by the time Halo3 is released.

  18. I’m not usually an Xbox fan, but I just got done watching G4 and saw the episode with your laptop on it and had to comment. I think that this is a fantastic idea. I am a PS2 fan, but if you took this idea to them and had them mass produce it I would SOOO buy one. This is beautiful and fun….you have a lot of skill and talent to create such masterpieces. Keep up the work, and I’ll put your website on my fav. list.

  19. Wow… if never seen any thing that. That’s like… wtf! Lol… its powerful. I need one…

    Ya dig…

  20. I love the casing, and the ‘home made’ feeling of it, and in fact, all of Ben’s projects. For example, you can see the screws and that they are actually keeping the thing together and won’t brake!

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  22. howdy ho! i really want an xbox laptop… is it possible to show up at your door with an x box and money?

  23. The fact that this exists, but that i cant buy one when im currently looking to buy an xbox right now, is a new level of cruelty indeed. I want it, I want it now……. NOW damn it lol.
    But if someone can adapt the xbox360 hardware to run windows and pc games in a laptop too, then i would declare the messiah of the value for money gaming world is here.Please….somebody…pretty please:)

  24. Hi Ben,

    I’ve salivated over your many modded consoles and I’d like to commission you to make yet another Xbox 360 laptop.

    The site I work with (also known as would like to give one away as a prize. Please let me know what it would take to get the ball rolling.

    We are very much interested.

    Charles Morgan

  25. Hi,
    This laptop that you have created is to say the least awesome is there any way I could get blue prints?
    Ohh and what was the cost of the final product minus the xbox360??

  26. OH… MY… GOD!!!!!!!!

    Could you maybe do one of a PS3 😀 I love the PS better (the cooling system would work better) contact me plz ben…

  27. Are you going to make more xbox 360 laptops mk2 and if u do are you going to sell them and for how much

  28. ^ How much are you selling that thing for?
    ^ If anything, you should sell that for around $3,000, just like the Apple MacBook Pro.
    ^ And also, where are you selling those two laptops you made?
    ^ And finally, you should give this idea to Microsoft, and then, you could make some serious $$$. Or maybe, they’ll be dicks and take the idea without paying you…

  29. By the way, does Microsoft even know that you modded a system by them?
    I wonder if anyone from Microsoft has been on this page.
    How did you make the console into a laptop? I know a kid who’s a little older than me. He made his own
    good-performanced PC in a couple days. I saw the computer and I was like “Holy Crap! How could you make a computer in a couple days??” Technically, he made the hardrive. Idk about the Monitor.

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