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What a fitting news item for the 6 year anniversary of my site. Yes, it’s been 6 whole years since the first incarnation of this site limped onto Geocities and shocked the world with a -gasp- portable Atari 2600. Shortly thereafter I was on the Gamespy network, then in 2004 I bought a domain of my own. It’s been a fun ride and now, for your viewing pleasure, I present the Xbox 360 Laptop!

Ben Heckendorn’s Custom Xbox 360 Laptop

I guess I would say I don’t “mod” systems so much as completely rebuild them. This is a perfect example as everything in the Xbox 360 has been taken apart and reassembled, with LCD screen, in laptop form inside a custom case. Here are the specs:

1) Uses a 17″ wide (diagonal) 1280×720 progressive-scan LCD VGA monitor (for HD-level resolutions) Thus you can actually read the text in Dead Rising.

2) Water-cooled with custom-built radiator. Allows for a slimmer main body versus the mammoth heat sinks in a stock 360.

3) Built-in keyboard and Wi-Fi.

4) USB hub allows original number of 3 USB ports for user.

5) All-aluminum case, except for plastic keyboard / ring of light / screen control area.

6) Uses single customized “expanded” power supply brick for both screen and Xbox 360.

7) Breakout ports on back allow hookup to component TV, VGA monitor, sound system (analog or TOSlink) and even crummy composite video.

8) Size: 16.75″ x 10.75″ x 2.8″  Weight: 14 pounds (with water loaded)

A fine “coffee table” game system.

Originally I didn’t think this project would be so tricky but I was quite wrong, it became the most monstrously difficult one since I’ve been into this “portablization” thing. Oh well. At least now I know how to build it.

The laptop playing Dead Rising. Zombies - figured you'd show up.
Zombie killin’ fun!

Click on the links below to read the whole step-by-step story for the creation of this unit (good way to waste a lunch hour) or click “Photos” to simply see, well, more photos of the thing. Enjoy!

Article Links:

XBox 360 Laptop “Making Of” Story

Xbox 360 Laptop Finished Product Photos Page Includes videos and a full-resolution photo pack.

A final note – this was a commissioned job so the unit has already been sold and is thus not for sale. Those interested in persuading me to build another are free to email and ask, but beware of sticker shock. You could always buy my book and become a modder yourself!

Sub-final note to answer some FAQ’s: The unit cost about $1200 to build in materials and CNC machine time. That’s not including labor and design. Also since the software/firmware was not modified it is fine to use on Xbox Live (which I have)

12 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Laptop”

  1. How tall did you make your radiator, Ben. What are your dimensions for those aluminum layers on the ends?

    I’m actually gonna try this. Hehe…
    I’m looking for screen improvements too. If you can answer some of my questions about the video capabilities for widescreen displays. (1440 X 900 resolution.)



  2. hey man if i sent you my xbox 360 and the amount of money oyu need to make that. will oyu make me one? please email me back.

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  4. Same question as “Zachariah dixon” im over here in iraq rite not so i dont have the time or supplies need to build one of these laptops but if a sent a 360 and the money needed to purchase athe other componentes and money for labor would it be possible to have one of these laptops built for me?

    SPC Hassell

    Please write back

  5. i wanna build a 360 laptop could i get some help on how 2 build 1 thats not so complex?

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