Buy the Possumus Woman Costume!

I am getting rid of all sorts of stuff I don’t want to move, and that includes the Possumus Woman costume!

I never get attached to our movie props since they usually all get destroyed, so to me this is just one more piece of crap laying around. Besides, when we make “Possumus Man 3: Son of Possumus” in 2021 I’ll probably have some new ideas about a costume anyway.

COSTUME SOLD! Have fun with it!

Own a piece of movie history and impress all of your friends! Have fun…

10 thoughts on “Buy the Possumus Woman Costume!”

  1. Ooh ooh! I want it sooooo bad! lol. I hope I win it..hehehe…then I could just drive down and pick it up 😉

  2. Think about it like this Ben… if you allowed people outside the country to buy it, you’d be actually bringing money INTO America, instead of gushing out of it like normal.

    If you get $50 bucks for it (or whatever), that’s money that goes into our economy without having already come from our economy.

    Just saying.


  3. That makes me sad…I was at work when it ended…missed out. I wonder who got it?

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