New single-handed controller

Note: The white-colored prototype referred to in this post is a one-of-a-kind built for a customer that requested it. A custom configurably production model, shown directly below, called the Access Controller and described in this post, is forthcoming and will available for mass market purchase from eDimensional. Stay tuned to for further information…

Black is the new white!
The prototype of the forthcoming production model Access Controller..

Now, back to today’s custom controller…

Recently I was asked to build another one of the right-handed controllers, and I thought I’d talk about it on the site a bit.

A single-handed controller with a swell bank of LED’s. Large version.

This isn’t the production model that I’ve been working on with eDimensional, you can read more about that here. But this is a refinement of a right-hand only design, similar to one I did last year.

Main trigger area. It swivels a bit to accomodate the fingers. Large version.

As before the right analog stick is actuated by setting this controller against a leg or table. An elastic strap/Velco attaches everything to your hand. For more photos, check the rest of the story.

Strap her to the blocks!
The elastic strap. Very camcorder-esque.

More bloody thumb action
The guts of this controller in their original test form. And remember, no one should be without a custom Miller beer mousepad.

The 3 button holes make me think GENESIS!
Attaching the guts to the front piece of the case. I lined up the LED’s for a retro 80’s feel, none of this circle nonsense!


The other side of the main board. This is where I’ll attach the wiring for the triggers and buttons.

The very colorful trigger module. Note how I’ve used a spare analog trigger module from the Access Controller prototype. Analog triggers for the 360 are very hard to build from scratch so I’ve saved myself the effort.

The not-so-colorful insides of that module. At this point I’ve bought about 17 billion blank PCB’s from Radio Shack…

Connecting the button wiring. Someday I will have recycled every bit of old IDE cable on the planet…

The trigger module mounted to the rear plate. Has kind of a modern art / fancy sculpture look to it. Or maybe it’s just me.

Found inside all Ben products or your money back*
Wiring the halves together. Includes free “Ben Was Here” text, as all my creations do.

*Don't hold me to that.
A view of the front (with a battery missing) taken in a room with some light. Yes, I used a Playstation D-pad on an Xbox product, why not? I like how it looks, and it was laying around.


Stay tuned to for more information on the mass-produced Access Controller production model!




108 thoughts on “New single-handed controller”

  1. I can’t wait to see how your commercial product looks!

    Excellent build quality on this, as usual.

  2. Looks great ben. And I like the swiveling part. Keep up the good work. And just like Life of Brain, I can’t wait to see your commerical product.

  3. I really do agree on the fact that the Playstation D-pad looks better than the 360 one.
    They are also more accessible and easier to use compared to the current 360 one.

  4. Wow, that’s a really awesome mousepad. Not bad controller either, although the second analog stick seems odd. It’d be neat if the single stick was selectable to be LS or RS and the other stick, say if LS was the selection for the primary stick, then if RS was motion controlled. But that’s just wishful thinking.

  5. Looks good for people with full mobility of their fingers. However, for someone like me, who does not have full mobility of them, it really isn’t all that functional.

    I am handicapped (Cerebral Palsy), and I play one-handed (right). One of the potential problems that I see with this,for someone such as myself is–and I’m just going to put “I”/”me”, instead of “someone like me”–while trying to go from button to button with my fingers, I’d probably keep tripping the left analog stick with my thumb. Or holding (for example) A, trying to press B, which for games that need quick reactions, isn’t good.

    Perhaps this is a good controller for FPSs, I wouldn’t know, as my disability makes them impossible for me to play (I am not Bawney lol), so I have very little to no interest in that genre.

    I have more, but my -main- complaint with the -standard 360- (and PS2 and 3) controller is the placement of the bumpers and triggers.

    Like, take Lost Odyssey for example. Outside of battle, the controller laid sideways (left side towards me, right side towards TV/monitor) so my thumb is on the left analog stick/D-Pad and my fingers press the buttons (henceforth called Arrangement 1 or A1). But, in battle, I have to re-arrange it so my thumb’s on A, and my middle finger holds the right trigger (henceforth called Arrangement 2 or A2). A possible solution to this is to put the bumpers and triggers on the face, under the face buttons (A, B, X, Y).

    Example #2: Devil May Cry 4
    Nero’s Exceed System is locked to the triggers, and Dante’s controls can not be customized, regardless of whether or not you use “Automatic”. Now, WITHOUT using the “Automatic” setting, I would have to pause, re-arrange the controller to A2, hold the right bumper, press B/unpause, and hit Y repeatedly to attack Stylishly, pause again, re-arrange it again to A1, and unpause. Possible solution: Map the bumpers and triggers to foot pedals.
    You rectified one of my other peeves already. I hate the 360 D-Pad. I prefer the PS2’s.

    My final peeve is the placement of the left analog stick and D-Pad. I would switch them, like how they are on PS2

  6. I apologize if my previous comment came off bitchy at all. I was just trying to give you feedback, regardless of whether it’s one of a kind or not.

    Things like this, one-handed controller mods etc, I feel I have to comment on, as I’m someone who could really benefit from a mod such as this.

    If you have any questions or comments (even if it’s just a “Please STFU” lol), feel free to email me, Ben

  7. wow, spam bot have come with force. I only see around 7 to 10 actual coments, including my first coment.

    Anyways again, keep up the good work ben

  8. I am very much interested in one of these. My best friend, whom I have known for the last 14 years, has Cerebral Palsy, and cannot use his right hand. Playing 360 with me has been very limited on what games he can play. I would love to see one of these in his hands.

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  10. I lost the control of my left hand an I love playing Xbox and ps2 now 3 also I manage to control the left analog stick with my chin while I work everything else with my right hand having the controller sit on a pillow on my chest. But this is in regards to me really wanted to get that custom right hand controller I prefer that design than the one you are going to produce.

  11. Im a bit confused, and a little dissapointed. I tried to contacted you about six months ago requesting one of these and was denied by one of your assistants. I asked and all I got back was “the mass production access controller will be coming out soon”. I replied stating I was not interested in the access controller however was seriously interested in something like this one. I offered large sums of money and was never contacted again. I lost my left arm a little over a year ago and have been looking for something like this for a long time. Im rather dissapointed I was denied and ignored and then you make it for someone else.

  12. Give! Please, give! this product really needs to be in production.. <3
    … Honestly, yours truly is is tired of stump-mashing her controllers.
    … I’ve made it partway through Twilight Princess though!
    Waiting hungily.

  13. My son suffered a stroke and only has the use of one hand and therefore his game selection is so limited. He plays Tiger Woods golf and that is about it! Please advise where I can get this product or buy a prototype. What a great find!!!

  14. Looks cool in theory…but I’d have to question its practicality in games that don’t let you remap the keys.

    Thinking about it from a purely ergonomic standpoint…button placement on a controller can break up the buttons into several distinct groups, based on proximity with respect to the players’ fingers.

    Buttons that are within thumb-reach tend to be highest tier, followed by the index triggers, then misc buttons.
    Common functions are typically distributed across buttons that don’t compete over user input…for example in Halo you can jump, strafe, and shoot simultaneously because each function uses different fingers.

    Based on this design, the A, B, X, and Y buttons, which usually serve relatively important purposes in most games, appear to be accessibly only via your pinky and ring fingers with this configuration. Meanwhile, the L and R buttons demand 2/5 of your available digits. You could delegate 1 finger to both triggers, but many games that utilize the triggers do so under the assumption that both can be operated independently of each other.

    Now…if you want to build a one-handed peripheral that caters to a specific sub-set of console games…you might as well mount a base to that right analog stick and call it a joystick.

    It’s definitely pretty slick…but there’s just a certain art to creating controllers that I think people tend to take for granted.

  15. I really hope you mass produce this product. my husband has only minimal use of his right hand and loves playing games on pc. but his selection is very limited and so this would really help him with playing games on xbox 360. thanks for your efforts and hard work on making^^

  16. wow this is awesome, my friend had a stroke and only has the use of his left hand, he has a xbox 360 but i can tell its hard for him to use it and have any fun and hes bored out of his mind. this might be the thing he needs! would love to know where or how to get one for him, i dont think i could do this mod! dude u rox!

  17. Nice work! i think with this kind of control i could be able to play some first person games! just make sure to build a left handed version of ur control! =]

    Too hard to play games that need to use the two analogic sticks with only the left hand >.<”

    cya and waiting to see the commercial product,

  18. Hi Ben,
    Interesting site. Looks like you’ve got your hands full! Very nice of you to help out those in need.
    My question is, do you know of anyone who sells an Xbox 360 controller that would have just the A/B, X/Y buttons on the left side? I suffered nerve damage in my right hand years ago and find I can’t play that well because I can’t feel those buttons with my right thumb.
    Any info at all is greatly apprecitated!


  19. This may be a stupid question, but are any of your one handed xbox 360 controllers available to purchase yet. My left side is paralyzed from a spinal cord injury and I would love to buy one. Thank you for even caring to do this for people, Ben.

  20. That looks awesome cant wait, I had a stroke which left my left hand non xbox controller friendly With this controller I could end up buying my own Xbox love the FPS games. Cant wait to beat my bro at Hockey, Thanks

  21. A very close friend of mine lost an arm and I kind of put up in my head the mission of finding him a single handed 360 mannette…hes been very frustrateed lately of looking at me play without getting involved a 100%…your controllers looks very very very promising and i would SO like to get him one ! Can you plz let me know before christmas if its possible to get a copy of it, the reliability of the product, and the warranty on it.
    I can send a money order, i can pay with paypal…all up to you, but i would really be wicked happy to get it for xmas!!

  22. Hey man, I am highly intrested in the controlers you’ve designed. My right arm is paralized and I am looking to buy a specially customized controller for xbox 360. What does the price range start at?

  23. Hey I lost my left arm recently, and was wondering how i can get my hands on one of your one handed controler? I would really love and enjoyhaving one, i love Playing xbox 360 I really could use one please give me detials! Thanks! Bryan

  24. Is this available for sale my nephew just injured his arm and will be unable to use it for quite some time, this would be the perfect gift.

  25. Hello there, im Erdem (16 years old) and i live in holland. Recently i lost my left arm becauce i had cancer in mij left-upper-bone of my arm (osteo sarcomia). I had a choice, my arm, or my life. So it was amputated. I’m very interested in your’e controller, and i assume its right handed, as in the picture. I left my e-mail adress above. I hope to hear soon from you Ben. Yours faithfully, Erdem Sari.

  26. Hey, Just to let everyone know I have just bought a one handed controller off of Consoles and Gadgets. It is great they even have ps3, ps2 xbox 360 and xbox one handed controllers.

    What more could you ask for, the price is also brilliant.

    Will be shopping there again.

  27. Ben,

    i found the one handed controller yesterday and i want to order it right away.
    Can i order it here?

    Please let me know.

  28. i want one asap. my son lost his hand about a week ago his right hand is great but left is gone please let me know where or when or how to get.

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  30. Pretty much like everybody else here Im wanting one of these too!
    The access controller being mass produced doesnt look too comfortable to use either

  31. Hello,
    I have a special needs son who only has his left hand. I am very much interested in purchasing one of your xbox 360 controllers for him. I am so glad someone finally has done this. Since you are extremely knowledgeable with this type of thing you might want to consider modifying other toys as well. My son is 12 and it is impossible to buy him anything for any holiday. No one makes anything for the special children like my son. Could you please tell me how I can buy your controller as soon as you can so I can get it for him for Christmas?
    Thank you for your time.

  32. My Husband only has use of his left hand and has been trying to modify a controller for left handed use only, but is having some difficulties. Is it possible to order a controller for x box that is wireless and only left hand controlled? What is the cost? A response would be greatly appreciated, thanks Alisha also if there are other products that are available for left handed use only I would be very much so interested in hearing about them as well, thanks again

  33. i have only 1arm my right and im tryn to get more info on your controllers wich by the way are sick as hell!!!!! i would like to get more info on your products please email me some more info ohh xbox360 lol

  34. I am a disabled vet with complete loss of use of my left arm. I just got the Xbox 360 slim last week and the controller is very unfriendly to the one handed player. I would buy one of these controllers in a second if it was available. Heck, if I could have one made, I’d pay whatever it cost to have one made. Please let me know when tis will be available or if you can make me one, let meknow what I need to do.



  35. I have had only the use of my right arm for my entire life.I love playing 360 shooter games with my friends but like others have talked about I to have problems keeping up in game play espcially online play.I have been playing video games since I was six years old and like many others started out on atari and worked my way up.I would absolutely buy one of these controllers.For once it would feel great to be able to play at my full potential alongside my friends and enjoy the full aspect of games.So please keep up the great work and let us know when we can grab hold of one of these fantastic controllers!!!



  36. Hi,
    I lost complete use of my left arm in a car accident (nerve damage) Are these controllers available, I’d like to play MW3 with my 10 year old daughter (yes, daughter LOL)

  37. Hi,

    I lost my right Arm on a caraccident. Playing only with mouse and some keys is not really good. I am from Germany. Is there any possibillity to build one of these for left hand? And shipping it to Germany? I need it for PC. Thanks alot.

  38. Hello,
    I am intrested in purchasing an one handed xbox controller from you. My husband recently had his arm amputated do to medical issues. He thought he would have to give his game up. I think what you are doing is great even if you dont realize it! Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks

  39. my cousin just had his arm taken off(his left) and he really wants to play madden on his ps3.can these controllers you have play madden’s football games and or all games?Please help.hope to hear back.

  40. im looking to buy one of these for my friend, he currently has a brain tumor and has limited time to live if there is any way i can get my hands on one of these controllers it would be greatly appreciated by many and by my friend. if theres any way of my purchising one of these controlers for my friend plz contact me at me and him grew up playing x box together hanging out getting to tvs together and gaming for hours but ever sence this happened he is paralized everywhere but his right hand and he asked me about a one handed controller and i found this so plz if there is any way i can get one of these plz contact me

  41. I just recently purchased the access controller for the xbox 360 and cannot for the life of me figure out how to sync it with the xbox 360. I’m about ready to send this back. E dimansional didn’t send instructiona and I’ve emailed them many times with absolutely no response. I lost the use of my left arm and can’t wait to play again. I got my hopes up only to find myself
    frustrated beyond belief.

  42. hello, my name is Igor, I’m Italian I lost the use of his right arm in a motorcycle accident, you are great.
    you are interested in people like me, I am very interested in the controller for Xbox 360 and let me know how to do in order to have one, because the best thing is to know that in my life I can disable to normal even in the simplest things.
    forgive me for my English.

  43. hello, my name is Igor, I’m Italian I lost the use of his right arm in a motorcycle accident, you are great.
    you are interested in people like me, I am very interested in the controller for Xbox 360 and let me know how to do in order to have one, because the best thing is to know that in my life I can disable to normal even in the simplest things.
    forgive me for my English.

  44. Hi
    Very interested in your one handed controller for using with a PS3. My son has had only the use of his right hand all his life. His world is limited to what he can do and gaming makes up a large percentage of it. He has done well so far but there are many games he is unable to play because of the difficulty using the controllers available with the game systems. Please send information on how to acquire these special controllers……… Thanks

  45. I tried to email you but Something went wrong, anyways..

    My name is Shelby and I was born with a benign brain tumor and due to surgeries I lost the use of my left hand. I’ve never been able to play a lot of video games and recently I’ve really been getting into games since my boyfriend is a big gamer. I was wondering how to get one of your controllers. I’d be thrilled to have one. If you could let me know how to get one I’d appreciate it, thank you.

  46. Mr. Heck,

    I am a retired USMC disabled veteran and have a friend who has grown up with a brain tumor (currently at stage 4). His left side is partially paralyzed and as such has a terrible time playing Xbox 360. He had seen your recent mass-produced unit but is unable to utilize it. After doing a search, we encountered you new prototype and his eyes lit up stating, “Now I could USE something like THAT!”

    I would greatly appreciate it if we could discuss how he might be able to acquire a unit. I realize that it would take precious time and energy and am more than willing to compensate you for your time, and effort. If you would be so kind as to respond to this and let me know if you might be willing to help, I would be eternally grateful. Michael’s resources are limited, and he doesn’t know I’m attempting to negotiate with you; only that I’m contacting you, so no pressure. However, I would be the purchaser and would be gifting it to him.

    As a disabled vet, I understand his frustration at a world which neglects the disabled, and regardless of the outcome I would like to thank you for what you have accomplished and any help you might provide.

    Thank you.

  47. Very interested in 1 handed controller for my 10year old son he cannot use his left hand and waiting for a heart transplant. He only has xbox360 to play please reply.

  48. Please contact me I am in need of a 1 handed controller for my 10 yr old who had a stroke whie waiting fora heart transplant, he isstill in hospital on an artificial heart and can only use his right hand. I would really love to get him playing his games again.

    Thanks you

    Danielle Fuscia

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