Experience at Midwest Gaming Classic 2010

From the press release:

For 2010, Ben Heckendorn and his forums members return to make the experience even better than 2009! Project reveals and discussion, real time modding and even the ability for show-goers to bring their own consoles to be modded by regulars will be available as the Experience moves into it’s own room and they throw out all of the rules about how your console or controller needs to look.

Check out the official site!

13 thoughts on “ Experience at Midwest Gaming Classic 2010”

  1. “…The biggest difference is that people usually don’t go broke playing console games”

    LOL, games are and systems are still expensive, you can go broke either way.

  2. W00T W00T, planning on going again this year, though I probably won’t have anything to show off. I probably won’t stay as long as I did either. Always a fun time 😀

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