Podcast Episode 65

We’re back again! In the last podcast we forgot to talk about the Xbox Dashboard update beta that Jones is participating in. Thus, we cranked out this new podcast quickly so we could discuss these changes before the update goes live.

We also – once again – discuss how Robert Zemekis needs to ditch the motion capture and make real movies again, other things we’re tired of in movies, and of course Modern Warfare 2.

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6 thoughts on “ Podcast Episode 65”

  1. Holy frijoles! You guys are really pumpin’ these podcasts out these days. This is like what it was when you guys started this show. Now if only the Fistful podcast would update again. (hint, hint)

  2. I’m not familiar with the programming language you’re using for Bill Paxton Pinball, but it kind of sounds like the oddities you’re encountering with the sentry gun counter may be caused by an octal number where you expect decimal. If the variable contained or could only contain an octal number, then it would fail to decrement if you put in 9999, but work at 7777 and below. Just a thought.

  3. I can’t speak for Dale, but the reason some people, including myself, didn’t like Contact is because it hedged on the ending. And that hedge is expressed in how Jones described the ending. It put Ellie on equal footing with her religious counterparts, which was NOT the point of that scene in the book. It was written by Carl Sagan, mind you. In some sense, the intent of the scene is still there, in which Ellie realizes that she can’t ask people to take her word on faith, but it was obscured by people who chose to soften the blow.

    Because they didn’t get it.

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