Podcast Episode 14 and Intro Contest

Another 2 weeks go by, another podcast pops up. Just like clockwork! Download it at

Today’s topics are Hi-Def Gaming / Blu-Ray / HD-DVD revisit, Ten Things We Hate About Gaming and Most Overrated and Underrated Consoles of All Time. You’ll also notice there is no intro. This is because of time restraints, sorry, but it gave me an idea.

Let’s do an Intro Contest! The prize will be a DS game of your choice from, or if you win and don’t have a DS, eh, we’ll think of something. God of War 2?

The Rules:

  1. Use this template as a basis to write an intro. Highlight the narrator in yellow, sound effects in gray with brackets.
  2. While most podcast intros are game-related spoofs of movie trailers, anything funny will be considered. But keep it PG-13 or cleaner. No politics allowed.
  3. Target length: 3-4 pages.
  4. One entry per person.
  5. Send all entries as a .doc format Microsoft Word file to
  6. Deadline: March 14th. The winning entry will appear on the March 28th podcast.
  7. The contest won’t be valid unless I get at least 10 entries, so “Tell Your Friends”

Good luck!

14 thoughts on “ Podcast Episode 14 and Intro Contest”

  1. How about an MVS cart for a neo geo fan? Legend of Suck-*ss Joe would be hilarious to win as a prize!

  2. another entertaining podcast Ive listened to everyone multiple times and its just good quality “talk” i found out about ben a few years ago with the atari portables when my atari broke and i was looking on any fixes but makes sense that it broke since i found it upndewater in a dumpster and it worked for a while after that but anyway keep up the good work

  3. Interesting podcast again. There was one thing I didn’t really understand though. You’re saying that it’s logical that consoles are more expensive in Europe because of the exchange rate. But considering that the Euro is worth more than the dollar today. Shouldn’t they actually be cheaper in Europe?

  4. The consoles WOULD be cheaper in Europe, so that’s why they make them more expensive – because they can charge more. With the strong Euro they [Europe] can take the price increase and it’s still comparable to what we pay in terms of the value of the money. It’s basically like free money for Sony (or any company)

    At least that’s my take on it.

  5. Basically Sony is screwing over their European customers. That is the moral of the story. If they were selling the PS3 for the comparable price it would translate out to the same price in American dollars that we spend in the US. Unfortunately it is not. When I look at the article they said the European price would work out to ~780 American dollars. So basically they are shanking you for an extra 180 American. Pretty lame if you ask me.

  6. Wait Jones, when a game company, or computer company, charges people way too much for stuff, we’re supposed to go around praising how much profit they’re making off us. Didn’t you know?

  7. Is it okay if the submission is over four pages? Three to four pages is just a target, it’s not written in stone, right?

  8. Oh, that’s right Ben. My bad! Somehow I completely forgot about the enjoyment I get whenever I pay extra for something i shouldn’t have to. It really is exciting to think that I could (in my small way) be helping to line a CEO’s pockets with money!

    All of the Lost Planet I’ve been playing must be rotting my brain.

  9. I, for one, welcome our new Japanese corporate overlords. I was just heading over to Lik-Sang to get a PAL format PS3 so I can play all those quirky European titles… Oh, right.

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