N64p and PS2p files released

Here are two things I’m asked for quite a bit – plans for the N64 and PS2 portables! Since I am washing my hands of these systems, I figured there was no harm in making the files public.

They’re not plans per se, rather just the Adobe Illustrator art files I used for my designs, but if you can make like Dan Brown and decode it everything’s there to build your own case. No help or tech support is expressed or implied for these files, so please don’t email me asking for any. Check the forums for general-purpose hacking information.

N64p art file, AI 10 format

PS2p art file, AI 10 format

10 thoughts on “N64p and PS2p files released”

  1. Thanks Ben

    Hey Ben look I care about all of your portables no matter which one it is. If it was not for you bunches of 2600 would be roting in dumps. But because of you people are saving the 2600. And making them into portables but they are always 2 steps behind you design wize. Hey here is a idea if someone acutuly wants one for the asking price. Only half finsh it and double it to finsh the project complety . That would sure make no one would ask you to make them portables ever again.

  2. I would disagree with the idea that others are 2 steps behind Ben in case design, just that Ben has rapid prototyping tools, like a Laser CNC machine. I personally don’t know a single person who owns or has any kind of access to such a device. Sure, you could hire one, but it costs big $$$$. Besides, the idea of keeping and portableizing these systems is to have a fun personal project, not to sell them and make a business out of it.

  3. I kept thinking about asking for the N64p files, but never got around to it. Thanks…

  4. Hey Ben, I’ve seen your stuff, and I think it’s incredible. If you could make a deal(s) with Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft to make these into kits and sell them, you’d make a killing off of it. I’d buy every one you made. Can’t wait to see what you do to the PS3. A GameCube hack would be cool too.

  5. DON’T YOU DARE STOP MAKING PORTABLES! I LOVE THEM. Now if only i could figure out how to decode the N64p file…

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