Podcast Episode 34

Being friends with me can be annoying at times, but there’s always a chance I might show up at your place like this.

Topics this episode include a large Rock Band discussion, Jones and his PS3 experiences, Ben’s brief red-ring-of-not-death, the lack of Anti-Aliasing in newer games and a few other random ramblings of nonsense. Sorry it was a few days late…

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25 thoughts on “ Podcast Episode 34”

  1. Thank god you’re back! I already listened to part of this podcast when I checked your podcast site. I’ll post when I’m done.

  2. had to get it off itunes your site has been down for eternity. as for myself i got the cheap mans version of rockband by using the gh2 guitar and my xbox 360 headset. i plan on getting the drums sometime down the line. im getting the disc for christmas so in all ill just end up paying 80 bucks for such an awesome game

  3. Of course it’s Dale. It’s always Dale.
    Anyway, I think you were right on about the PS3. It’s not worth it yet, at least not to me, and I think that adding Blu-ray was a mistake. Now they’re stuck with an expensive format that less than half of owners even know about, much less use, and they can’t get rid of it because all of their games use it.
    Anyway, that Wii update is optional and actually undoable. So you don’t have to “remove functionality”. And you pronounced anti-aliasing wrong. Now that I’m done being annoying, I’ll say that if I ever have money again, I’ll totally get Rock Band.

  4. dudes, i don’t know if u really know these guys, but quit talking like you live with them or sumthin…..

    “Is that Dale as Keanu Reeves? ^_^”

    “Of course it’s Dale. It’s always Dale.”

    …..It’s not like you’ve ever even met them….. ( my apologies to those who have…)

  5. Geez Turk! As Ah-nold would say… “Chill!!!”

    Don’t be messing with Ecksem and Elk. They rock!

    In a way we are “internet celebrities”. Ben moreso of course, but when you have a podcast that people listen to on a bi-weekly basis people get to know you in a certain kind of way. It is similar to how I refer to Tom Cruise or Arnold Schwarzenegger (see above). I don’t say their full names. I just call them Tom or Ah-nold, because they’ve been in my living room for hours on end via their movies and I don’t think of them as being strangers.

  6. I think it’s high time you guys did a Schwarzenegger interview.

    Drums on Rock band – I got to play at my friend’s house the other day. I never thought that being a musician would ever help me in video games. I’ve played drums for about 13 years now. I started playing the drums in Rock Band on Hard and had my scores average a 90%. I also tried a song on easy, and I can say that this isn’t drumming – they game takes away one of the three main rhythms (bass, snare, or high-hat/ride cymbal) and then alternates around to avoid doing all three things at once – this is what gives people trouble. So I’ll vouch as a musician: if you can play these songs on Medium or Hard, you can play a real drum set to some degree.

    And Jones is completely right – there were a bunch of songs I’ve never heard before, and I sucked at them.

  7. Jones – you really didn’t get your xbox back yet? Wow. I posted in the forums (as easton) to which you responded about getting my coffin in the mail. I already got mine back (on 12/7) with a complimentary one month subscription to xbox live gold.

    If I were you I’d give them a WTF phone call.

  8. @Rich – Damn! I totally got hosed. I checked on Sunday and said that it has been shipped back to me, so hopefully I’ll have it by tomorrow. It has been a pretty long time. I think the problem with mine is that it didn’t get the RROD, so they probably actually fix it. With the RROD ones I think they just turn it around and send a refurb unit back right away. Did you notice if you got your original one back or not? Just to satisfy my curiosity if nothing else… LOL

    And yes, a Ah-nold interview would rock!

  9. I don’t know… would an Ah-nold inverview do anyting but scream “GET TO THE CHOPPER” the whole time? should be funny still. I also can’t wait to hear your xmas intro. should be sweet.

  10. My 360 had a bad DVD drive. I got it used with the drive already bad, so I didn’t really pay attention to if it was the same one I got back. I know that I removed the stock faceplate, and the one that they sent me back had no faceplate on it, so I’m inclined to believe it’s the same one. I figure that if they were to just send me a refurb it would have a faceplate already on it.

  11. Stodluke, even if the Ah-nold interview was nothing *but* “GET TO THE CHOPP-AH!”, is that really that big of a problem?

    Aside, of course, from it having a distinct lack of “YOU’RE FIRED!”

  12. I think they try to subtract all of the parts they can. They probably didn’t want to give you a free faceplate.

  13. Interesting. Looks like I just got the short end of the stick on the turnaround time. LOL

    When I got home yesterday I found my poor 360 sitting on the doorstep of my house shivering in the cold. I was kind of surprised, because the paper that came with the coffin originally said that I would have to sign for it. So I popped it out of the box and it is indeed a refurb unit complete with new faceplate and all. After letting it sit for awhile, (so it could get back to room temperature) I fired it up and the drive does seem significantly quieter. Nowhere near as quiet as a PS3, but much quieter than my old one.

    My only guess on why mine took longer than most (other than bad luck) is that mine was an Elite. Perhaps that has some bearing on it, since they probably would not have as many refurb Elites sitting around as they would Cores and Premiums.

    At any rate, we both have functioning 360s now, which is definitely cause for celebration!

  14. I can’t believe they didn’t make you sign for it – I had to sign for mine. If you’re curious, and still have the box, put the tracking number into UPS and it might show you who signed for it. Or, Microsoft was dumb and umm…forgot that part.

  15. Ecksem, you could have him say nothing but “GET TO THE CHOPP-AH” as long as you have the predator growl in there somwhere.

  16. well, jones, dale isn’t on this podcast. I wouldn’t say he is a celeb either….
    i don’t mean to start an argument with you guys, but it sounds kida wierd.
    I’ll ask dale if he thinks he’s a celebrity.

  17. The guys that were talking about it listen to the Fistful one though. So they would know his voice pretty well by now me’sa thinks!

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