Podcast Episode #42

We’re back! In this episode (which has nothing to do with gaming) we discuss:

  1. Musical scores in movies – they aren’t good or memorable anymore. We need Jerry Goldsmith back!
  2. The cost of Blu-Ray discs – too much!
  3. Hollywood’s dwindling box office – what we think are the real reasons even though they’ll blame it on gas prices at year’s end.


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7 thoughts on “ Podcast Episode #42”

  1. Having not listened to the podcast, I recommend listening to some of the work of the Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi–he writes incredible stuff. (I particularly recommend his scores for the movies known on these shores as Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away.)

  2. Haven’t seen Sweeny Todd yet? I’d highly recommend it. They actually managed to make upbeat musical montages about throat-cutting FUN to watch! The music is pretty darn good and memorable too, in my opinion. Definitely worth a look.

  3. I would argue that Sweeney Todd does not count, as it contains no original music for the film (the entire score stems from the 1979 musical on which its based). Sondheim’s score is utterly brilliant, but not film music.

  4. Cool. I will have to check out Sweeney Todd one of these days. Not a big fan of musicals, but I occasionally enjoy them (Moulin Rouge… Chicago…).

  5. In no way am I putting down the film of Sweeney Todd–which, for all its flaws, I still liked tremendously. I’m simply arguing how to define its score as film music.

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