Podcast Episode 46

Sorry we’re late – much of my free time these days has been spent on Possumus Man 2!

Includes tracks from Barry Manilow and Jim Croce
This game would PRINT MONEY

In this episode we discuss other “music hero” games Activision could try making, both some ridiculous ones and others that might actually sell. We then move on to the validity of movie critics and if they even matter, which turns into a long discussion about WALL*E. Enjoy…

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5 thoughts on “ Podcast Episode 46”

  1. Aww, c’mon man, you got to tell us where to fast-forward to when you’ve got a spoiler warning! I fast-forwarded into what I presumed would be safe territory and I’m pretty sure I caught something incriminating. ='(

    Well, at any rate, if I heard what I *think* I heard (by the way, does the comments section here allow HTML or that weird, bracketed forum code?), I suppose it’s not much of a surprise, particularly given what’s known from the preceding games. Could anyone who listened through the spoiler tell me where a safe place to pick up the podcast again is?

    That said, the first six or seven mintues of the podcast were entertaining. I’m surprised to hear that Wall-E is more than just a great kid’s movie, so I’ll definitely be checking that out (though Hulk is still out, and there’s Hellboy and The Dark Knight coming out over the next few weeks… Ugh, it’s actually something of a pain in the ass when Hollywood pumps out a series of good films).

    There’s certainly been a glut of superhero movies (Iron Man in addition to the aforementioned films) this “summer” movie season, and from what I’ve seen or heard, they’ve all been very, very (“three and a half to four star”) good.

    Well, except Hancock.


    I’m surprised you didn’t parlay Possumus Man into your poll of the week. =P

  2. The Country Hero game should come with and acoustic guitar controller instead of electric and maybe like a stool or something to make it authentic.

  3. I think Country Hero coming with stool would be an excellent metaphor for the music represented within the game.

    If you’re worried about spoilers, you really just can’t listen to this podcast. I was taken back the first time they ruined a game for me… but then I decided I enjoy the podcast more then I care about games/movies being spoiled for me.

    But if you guys don’t realize you do it… you’re constantly spoiling movies/games. I wouldn’t have it any other way, because the way you just talk about what pop-culture things you’ve done for the last couple weeks is the best part of the podcast.

    That and hearing Jones say “good times”. That cracks me up every time. I have a friend who says that at least twenty times a day, using the same inflection as Jones does each time.

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