Very quick review: “Get Smart”

“Get Smart” is basically “The Office” with machine guns. If this sounds good to you, go see it. I wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised.

In other news the costume for Possumus Man 2: Possumus Woman (working title) is almost done and will be at least 3 times better than the original costume + working jaw. Stay tuned….

11 thoughts on “Very quick review: “Get Smart””

  1. Steve Carrell basically ruins everything for me. Everything he is in ends up stale and boring, I sure wish that they had cast someone else because I would have definitely seen this movie.

  2. Steve Carrell is awesome! That guy could read the phone book and I would laugh at it. 🙂

    He was perfectly cast in Get Smart and definitely made the movie way more funny and interesting than it had any right to be. A great movie with a lot of clever moments that managed to inject some life into a rather ho-hum summer movie season. Highly recommended.

  3. I completely agree with Jones on this one. Steve did an awesome job in it, and as a result, it exceeded all my expectations…and I was hyping it for a month before it was released.
    One of the few movies I would pay $8 to see.

  4. I actually heard that the movie sucks, but I haven’t actually seen it yet.

    And remember Jones, I’m the one that showed you the trailer the first time around.

    Or at least, I think I did…

  5. Heck yeah this movie was great. I am a fan of the old show and Steve pulled off the Maxwell Smart character very well, as I expected he would. I really can’t imagine any other current actor as Maxwell Smart.

  6. Carrell sucks, this will not be anywhere near as good as the show.

    Up side is that Anne Hathaway is doing high kicks and no longer wearing that horrible dark lipstick that makes her look stupid.

    Steve Carrell = not funny. See the original British version of the office, the one we get (while good compared to the crap we normally get), is nothing compared to the original. I don’t think the boss is very funny in the original either, but at least he is believable, the “Carrell pause” is not funny at all.

    People confusing “doing stupid things” with being funny or interesting all the time.

    I plan to enjoy this movie in spite of carrell.

  7. For anyone still dissing on Steve Carrel, have you ever seen more than five minutes of The Office? Pure ridiculous gold! 😛 While I applaud the Brits for the great idea for a show, the dry humor and lack of any charisma really turned me off the original run of The Office. While I’d agree that the office setting in the American version is somewhat silly (really, how does Michael keep his job?), the characters are definitely very believable and dynamic.

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