19 thoughts on “Benheck.com Podcast Episode 72”

  1. Hey, I know you guys say you don’t read your comments section and all but I’m wondering if anyone knows where to get this podcast feed from? I tried through the .mp3’s hosted website and that warpath website, but iTunes does not recognize them as valid feeds, and it talks about RSS…

  2. My mistake. Must have been a bad download. Deep, garbled sound is gone now.

    Great podcast as always. Should keep Dale for sure (possibly do some more fistful-like topics as well?)

  3. Fistful will remain it’s own entity. Dale and I have some plans to record more soon. So don’t delete that RSS feed! LOL

    Also (by the sound of it) Dale will show up randomly on the BenHeck one, but not be a mainstay so to speak.

  4. As far as the iTunes feed not working… I’m not sure about. Some guy Ben knows handles that stuff, so I’m not familiar with how it is setup at all.

    Does it work if you go directly to iTunes and search for BenHeck?

    I don’t have iTunes so I can’t confirm or deny whether or not that works.

  5. Great podcast!

    I’m going to be that guy and say that you guys have no idea what good pizza is. As a Buffalonian, we take great pride in our pizza. If you’ll talk about it in a podcast, I’ll send you some pizza from one of our best pizzerias. We routinely send pizzas overseas to the troops so it won’t be a problem haha.

  6. “Dale and I have some plans to record more soon. So donโ€™t delete that RSS feed! LOL”

    Good, because the internet needs Dale like Blue Oyster Cult needs cowbell. As long as he’s on one of these two shows, I’m happy.

    More Fistful please. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

  7. @Rich

    I believe I can safely speak for all of us when I say that we would gladly talk about Buffalo pizza. I mean why not? Plus, it seems like people enjoy when we talk about food. Not sure why, since none of us have what I would call a diverse taste in food. LOL

  8. I have the iPad, your welcome to try it and then you don’t have to go anywhere near the Apple store.

    I like it. It replaces my Kindle DX which I carry for technical books and I also use it with Evernote to keep track of the notes I take on projects and its got enough space that I can carry all my music with me at work without having to choose what I will sync each day (I have a 40+ GB music library).

    The other nice thing is the battery life. I consistently get over 10 hours of life on it.

  9. First of all if you guys haven’t watched Fringe you need to start it’s a very excellent show. Secondly, on the pizza note you are absolutely correct. Pizza is kind of like beer there are no bad pizzas just mediocre pizzas and great pizzas.

  10. “Good, because the internet needs Dale like Blue Oyster Cult needs cowbell.”

    I got a fever… and the only prescription… is a new mayoral election!

  11. If you want a show that went over time consider Prison Break. This should have gone for a max of two seasons, but went for 4 or 5. The idea was to escape from prison, and he did that in the first season!
    Also if you want great pizza I live near a place that has won the greatest pizza in the world competition several times (which is held in New York), but that is in Australia so I don’t think you will be going there any time soon.
    But yeah great Podcast, man.
    In my personal opinion, three guys is listenable but I reckon two is a lot better.

  12. @Brendan

    I agree 100%. The first season of Prison Break was among some of my favorite material that comes out of television these days. The second season was okay, but it all went downhill after that. Needless to say, I watched the rest of it, but the whole time I was wishing they didn’t push it so far.

  13. Oh god wheres the new podcast!!! its gone 1-2 months since the last one. are you dead?(just kidding
    ! :P)

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