10 thoughts on “Greatest hacks of all time”

  1. Thanks to PC Mag, I was able to find your site! I had never heard of you or your work before, which is a shame since I’m from Wisconsin too (Madison) and my dad is from Verona! I’ve spent the past 2 hours browsing your amazing list of modded consoles and can only say what you’ve heard a million times before – this is simply incredible!

    I’m going to get you listed on Wikipedia’s list of Famous Wisconsinites if you’re not already there.

    One last comment: I know that MGD is your local brew of choice, but I hope you can give Capitol Ale and New Glarus some love too 😉

    Proud to have you in my state, man!

  2. Congrats to my favorite hacker extraordinaire and favorite movie maker Benjamin Heckendorn!

  3. Wha… ummm… errr… okay.

    Ben… you’re an awesome guy… but that article was weird. It was like the guy writing it knew he wanted to include you, because you totally deserve respect in any conversation about hacking consumer electronics, but to put you on a list that includes Apollo 13, and the original “Space War”?

    Meh… maybe not.

    On top of that, what picture did they use for your entry? The Coleco-Vision? WTF? You HATE the Coleco-Vision.

    Thats like doing an homage to Alec Guiness, and focusing on Star Wars.

  4. Congrats!! The writer also left out Wozniaks’s Blue Box and the Chicago “Max Headroom” signal intrusions (which was never solved?). Glad to see you are getting the recognition you deserve for your ingenuity! Your work has inspired countless individuals like myself who try to make our electronics have a little more “soul”.

  5. It will be my pleasure to always be in the world of IT with great Hackers like you, if you do everything to take me along, the sky will be a footprint.

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