Guitar Hero pedal controller in action

Aside from the 2 I built for a show back in May, the 3rd pedal demonstrated below is the first I’ve actually built by request for a customer. He knew the secret to getting a Ben project – diligent (yet not annoying) emails and patience! Plus he can play Guitar Hero on Hard, something I cannot. (Rock Band, yes)

Click here to check it out on YouTube…

In other related news the Access Controller should be arriving for shipment sometime next week… more details to come.

9 thoughts on “Guitar Hero pedal controller in action”

  1. Thank you Ben for your patience with me as well. My determination was evident in my e-mails, that is for sure haha. Kudos to you for going out of your way to make me a pedal. With your pedal I’ll be able to move on to expert. It is because of you that I’m beating the game and not letting it beat me.

    Great work!!!

  2. Again I would like to thank All who have watched my video and Ben for making me a pedal. If anyone wants to see a new video of me know. I’m working on. Through the Fire and the Flames on Medium.

    Ben, you a Mod God. Pedal to the Metal!!!

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