Lord of the Rings of Light

Build me a console worthy of Redmond...

Since Microsoft has apparently decided to “Fix ALL the consoles!” it seemed like a good time to re-release the audio intro from episode 13 of our podcast. It’s a movie trailer parody called “Lord of the Rings of Light” where a group of heroes have to return a broken Xbox 360 “from whence it came”.

Remastered in high-quality MP3 format, enjoy and have a swell remainder of a holiday weekend! Lord of the Rings of Light.

8 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings of Light”

  1. Just great, they decide to do this exactly one week AFTER I take my 360 apart and fix it on my own….

  2. I’m not sure who did the deep evil voice, but it sounds just like Dr. Claw from the old Inspector Gadget cartoon. 😀

  3. Yeah let’s be honest Inspector Gadget Rocks. Ben… The voice was excellent.
    In 3 days I have encountered 5 360’s stop working….. 5!?!?!?…. Even 2 on the display center we have at our local Supermarket, great demo in Ring-of-light of the recent situation Microsoft are in…

    I am been forced to the dark side of PS3…. oohhh…. the force is strong with this one.

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