New server coming soon

Yet again I am moving to a bigger and better server, hopefully this will improve speeds. Site traffic / visits have increased quite a bit in the last month, which is good, but there’s some growing pains to go along with that.

If you’re an active forum member please keep an eye out for annoucements of when the transfer will occur (probably sometime this weekend) so you do not lose posts or data. I’d also suggest people go easy on the Wiki until the new server goes up to keep people from loosing data there as well.

We’ll keep you posted!

2 thoughts on “New server coming soon”

  1. Hey Ben,

    Ive been reading you tips and hints nice work if you need hosting i can hook you up with some space and b/w just contact me by email on how much you need and ill get back to you!! just a reminder i wont charge you for it!

    Phone: 1-570-401-????

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