New Atari 2600 concept


Since it’s an odd numbered year I have an urge to build some Atari 2600 portables again. For some reason I always do fairly difficult projects on even years, so I guess this is my go-between.

Paper mockup of the Rev 5.1, with size reference items around it.

The idea I came up with is a VCSp Revision 5.1. It’s styled somewhat on the old classic Rev 5, which was the model I believe I built the most of (even slightly more than the Phoenix). Here are the specs on this concept unit:

  • 7″ x 4.2″ x 1″ in size.
  • Runs off (4) AA batteries.
  • 3.5″ color TFT screen, like the Phoenix.
  • Player 2 port, headphone jack and wall power adapter.
  • Left and right difficulty switches.
  • Paddle controller.

So my question is, would anyone be interested in one of these? I’d be willing to make a decent number of them, say 50, if there was sufficient demand. I’ve done up a few numbers and now believe I could sell this for $300, if a person traded in or sent me an Atari 2600 4-switch.

Let me know so I can consider it, thanks!

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  1. 350 sounds a little expensive for me. plus i think more people prefer a back vertically loading cart slot but it looks way cool o btw when will the ps3 laptop be done?

  2. Problem with down the back style is that you almost double the width of the portable. Im pretty sure that the VCSp Rev 5.1 could fit in an overly sized pocket with ease (and a game or two). Considering the time to make portables $350 doesn’t sound to bad. Landscape style portables, in my opinion, are the only way to go since your hands arn’t cramped up like on the GB color or something.

  3. Hello.

    THose price sounds little expensive. Try 250 or 300?

    my friend and counselor, Andy, has over 60 atari 2600 games and it still works.

    He would like to know if you was able to make a usable portable atari 2600? πŸ™‚


  4. Actually I love the design – and I have some CRAZY ideas about it!

    1: How much empty space is in an Atari kart? You could mount lights in the kart to light the screen!

  5. I would prefer the cartridge to come out the back, but that’s my personal taste.

    I really like the overall layout though… Great jaerb there, Ben! I like the curves and the placement of the reset buttons and whatnot.

  6. Hey Ben, are you going to use the cart connector thats on the Atari already or are you going to make a new one like your clamshell/pancake Atari?

  7. I would buy it because it looks like it came from wal-mart. Thats how nice it looks in a good way. And are those touch sentive buttons I see on that VSP.

  8. nightwheel this is a paper mockup not the real thing nothing is touch sensitive or even does anything other than look pretty

  9. Hey dudex77 I realized that it was a paper mock-up- after I posted that. But touch sensitive buttons would be cool though do you agree dudex77?

  10. totally touch sensitive buttons would be way cool but not to practical i need a good movement to makesure it registers otherwise i would jam it so hard it would break. the had a genesis controller with touch sensitive buttons and i would just get pissed off with it after 5 minutes

  11. If there was a sega portable that looked exactly like this, but with the cart GBA-style, I’d buy it. Hell, I’d supply a radica.

    It looks awesome.

    Touch sensetive would be tricky. Ever played space-invaders on the iPod third generation with the buttons?

  12. yeah i would want the cart slot on the back also. but i would do it if it was like 300. i dunno about 350. still nice.

    i would do like 350 for the clam shell on from before!

  13. Would it ever be possible to create a portable Atari 2600 with the capability to “Link” with a second Atari 2600? So the 2 portables connect using a wire and with one COMBAT cart the 2 players can play head to head.

  14. would be nice if the center detail was in brushed silver and the rest of the face was in that fake woody style, how about a vader version as a super special edition. will forward a 3d render asap

  15. @Salem Frost
    Isn’t that what some of Ben’s previous atari 2600 portables do already?

    I’m pretty sure I read that they do.

  16. Oh, man. I love Atari 2600. Hard core fan. I want a portable, with a b/w switch so I can play in black and white again. Nostalgia purposes. Had a barely working 2600 hooked up to an ancient b/w tv and the only game that worked was Berzerk. The memories.

  17. Why have a portable Atari system when some people could have all the Atari games and play them on an emulators on there cell phones or pocket pc which lasts longer and has better quality options and graphics.

    Maybe he should try and present some ideas he did to the companies like the xbox360 laptop which is more people knew it and made my MS in mass production it would sell like hot cakes. Or the Wii portable would also sell well. If the companies say no then itÒ€ℒs a bad marketing strategy for them.

  18. I would DEFINITELY be order one if it come as pal,can you make me a pal version ?? thanks

  19. bolinao you have to provide Ben with your Atari 2600 so if it’s a PAL 2600 than I would think thats all he would need but I could be wrong.

  20. Looks awesome. Much more modern than the original portables you built. I’ve bought the book and plan on putting some of my own ideas into my build. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    For those claiming $300-$350 to be “too expensive”… remember, this is a specialty item handbuilt by (more than likely) the most experienced person in the US at making portable systems out of old consoles. If you want a PSP or Gameboy, go buy one, if you want something very few will ever get their hands on, give up the cash and get one of these bad boys!

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