Possumus Woman editing done

In other news, the first pass of Possumus Woman editing has been completed, although there are still 3 special effects left to do. (Note, now down to just 1)

The end of this movie uses almost as much gas-per-second as an SUV.
The possum in full Ian McDiarmid mode. Click for wallpaper sized.

This leaves:

  • A reference viewing with a 2nd party (probably Jones) to determine if any scenes need adjusting.
  • A sound editing pass – adding effects, ambiance, crossfades and getting everything into 5.1. This includes music.
  • Color pass, to make lighting between shots match as best it can (not terribly concerned about this one)
  • Writing up and attaching credits.

Please note that there will NOT be a trailer for Possumus Woman ahead of its release. The reasons for this are simple – I don’t have the time, and since the movie will be FREE to download why bother convincing people to see it?

Official poster should be done and revealed within a week, with full-resolution versions available for your downloading pleasure.

12 thoughts on “Possumus Woman editing done”

  1. Wow, this actually looks like it will be entertaining. The idea of the movie gave me doubts, but that’s an awesome costume.

  2. That was quite the scene to film. Ample amounts of gasoline were used for the desired fire effect. Kids don’t try this at home…

    This will definitely be the best movie about a giant killer possum ever filmed!

  3. Ben what are the remaining 3 effects? I work as a visual effects artist for TV and may be able to help you out.

  4. Mitch please send me an email if you’re interested… there’s one or two I could throw your way but would need them within about 2 weeks.


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