10 thoughts on “Check out my Jace Hall show appearance!”

  1. Awesome! My 2 Favorite things were on the show. Stargate and You Ben!

    Also Ben, those people at them computer working for you. Or are those the Jace Hall show People.

    And a iPhone PSP mod? Hmm…..

    You made me fall on the floor laughing. Literally.

  3. Is that a picture of Jones, and his ex that just popped up in the top right corner?

    Ouch man. Ouch.

  4. I got the basket on the second try, but we couldn’t use the shot. Then it took about 8 shots to get again.

    It totally reminded me of the “bowling a strike” shot from Port Washington, Jones could tell you about that!

  5. It’s sorta sad that it’s been so long without an update, and we know that when there is one… it’ll just be another Xbox laptop.

  6. Yeah, not to mention your turning your semi-weekly podcast into a monthly (if we’re lucky!). Oh well, at least thanks to twitter, we know you’re busy with moving stuff.

  7. February 25th: Podcast #57

    April 24: Podcast #58

    Which means…

    13+ weeks… 2 podcasts. A quarter of the year… 2 podcasts.

    If I were Ben, the thing I’d be most worried about is that people don’t really seem to care.

    I totally respect that he has issues happening in his life that go beyond some stupid website, or his silly little fans. I promise I understand that. I just want to logically point out that while not a *single* one of us may represent a damn thing to Ben… the *LOT* of us represent a life outside of the 9 to 5 drudgery.

    How many of us can he lose before he’s back to designing menu’s for local restaurants?

    I don’t know the exact number… but there *IS* a number.

    There was a time when Ben and Jones were my bi-monthly friends… now… I’m not sure I even care.

    I’m not trying to be mean. I’m not trying to sound selfish… but… after three months with but a couple updates I care about… I don’t know if I’d be that disappointed if it all ended.

    And sadly… that I’m not sure I care if it ends upsets me more than the idea that it might end.

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