Swapped Xbox 360 controller

Here’s an interesting controller I just finished for a customer. It swaps around the action buttons and d-pad, the left and right triggers are swapped, and there’s an extra set of X Y B A on the back.

The purpose of controllers like these is to allow more options for persons that may have a hard time with normal controller configurations. Remember, if you’re in need of custom devices, you can always email me to discuss. Please see this page regarding rates and terms.

72 thoughts on “Swapped Xbox 360 controller”

  1. Great work again but i’m tired of having to use triggers in Driving games and would love to know if it was possible to map the trigger axis to the right thumb stick, something for the future hopefully.

  2. Hey Ben, this looks like it would work for the one handed lefty, what are the four buttons on the bottom? I LOVE a left trigger fire button for once. I hate playing FPS games and having to use the stub of my right arm to hit the right tripper is a pain in the butt.

  3. Great work, Ben! I have Cerebral Palsy and my left hand is my better functioning one. Games that won’t let me remap controls to a lefty drive me nuts. I just took the latest Transformers game back for just that reason. If I can map to Lefty Mode, I can manage move forward/back and strafe in FPS games with my right hand, but need to use my left for aiming. Having those A, B, X, and Y buttons on the left would be a huge improvement for me. I was trying to figure out your cost for doing one of these? $500??

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  5. I really like the buttons on the back, i feel that’s a very practical idea which should be incorporated into more controllers now a days.

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