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Don’t forget the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee

Hello internet, Ben here with another plug for the Midwest Gaming Classic. (MGC)

If you like videogames, and you live even remotely close to Milwaukee, WI (home of all the best beers) you owe it to yourself to visit the 2010 Midwest Gaming Classic! It’s become quite a large event, rivaling the size of game conventions you’d find elsewhere (well, maybe not Dragon*Con).

Best of all, at least in the context of this website, you can visit the Benheck.com Experience room of MGC to meet me, podcast co-host Jason “Jones” Jones, and many of our forum members. Highlights include:

  • On-spot mods and repairs of whatever you bring in.
  • 3D printing demonstration, thanks to Chris Kraft.
  • Separate panel by myself discussing pinball and probably lots of off-topic BS.
  • Hands-on demonstrations of forum member’s projects
  • BILL PAXTON PINBALL. Free to play, with high-score save and 4 player competition mode!

So if you haven’t already, check out their site here! We’ll see you there!