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AMH Debug 4-5-14

Ah, the umpteenth consecutive Saturday I’ve been at my shop working.

  • Looking into music play bug  (nope, it was a different mistake, myself forgetting to mask off a bit)
  • Rewrote Minion and Hellavator multiball end code to clear things up
  • Realized using same variable for # of locked balls and how many balls to autolaunch was really stupid.
  • If Hell MB starts, active minion lights get erased – need to fix
  • Added more prompts for “dry” scoop shots, adding time to Photo Hunt, and Ghost Prison Escape
  • Making sure Hellavator Multiballs stacks perfectly with the modes it can stack with (Hospital, War Fort, Haunted Bar, Minion Battle)
  • Fixed glitched with “Lock” staying lit even with Hellavator in down position
  • Think I know why that combo light is staying on! That’s what happens when code gets too old – you forget what did what.
  • Probably won’t enable Wizard Mode or Video mode for MGC – more important that the 99% of the game people will actually see works perfectly!
  • Found glitch where Minion Multiball ending would prevent Spirit Guide from being collected until another mode started – whoops!

AMH Debug 4-4-14

Lots of 4’s in today’s date!

The first prototype AMH has been on location for 2 weeks now. It’s had a few wear & tear issues (same game that went to Expo, Ball Crawl and Christmas Party) but overall quite solid.

I have what should be the final production board in my prototype programming game at my shop.

Current debug state:

  • Defeating the 3rd or 9th Minion gets you Minion Multiball, which can stack with Hellavator Multiball or Ghost Photo Hunt. Making sure stacking works right.
  • Extremely unlikely, but possible, that you can start a Minion MB while Hellavator MB is still loading balls. Making sure correct # of balls are added.
  • Making sure modes active when you go into Minion MB work correctly when it ends.
  • Found possible bug with Minion Mode enable after defeating Theater Ghost.
  • Setting Multiball states to bitwise operations
  • Game won’t start without 4 balls in trough. BUT, still making sure Mulitball Modes (especially ones that stack) only try to kick out what balls are actually available. Because you never know!
  • Found glitch where collecting an Extra Ball during a mode prevents Door from being re-opened.
  • Improved timing for Ghost Prisoner and Captured team member callouts in Prison Mode.

AMH Debug 4-3-14

How “done” can I get America’s Most Haunted by Midwest Gaming Classic? Stay tuned for daily updates!

  • Added black stroke around “Spirit Guide is Ready” text on Member Spelling Animations.
  • Added “Spirit Guide Ready After Mode Ends” alternate version on Member Spelling Animations.
  • Cleaned up code for Balcony Jump. Run-up and abort animations work much better.
  • Implementing conditions to light Video Mode (mode not programmed yet)
  • Spell WIKI, TECH and PSYCHIC to light Video Mode (collected at Ghost so ball can be trapped during mode)
  • Found “dead shot” in Hotel Mode, gave it nominal point value, added what to do prompt.
  • Fixed glitch with Spirit Guide awarding Prison Lock Lit
  • Fixed glitch where Spirit Guide Award #17 would never be selected
  • Fixed advance mode glitch where faster progress on Bar or War mode would prevent their Spirit Guide awards from working.
  • Fixed glitch where Mode Total shown after Minion Multiball would not include the “Mode Won” points (but you still got them, just weren’t shown in total)
  • Working on entry/exit issues with Ghost Minion Multiball when stacked with Photo Hunt or Hellavator Multiball.

The Mystery and Science of Pinball Theater @ Chicago Pinball Expo 2012

“It’s the most expensive 3 legged machine ever built!”

If you’re going to the Chicago Pinball Expo later this week, be sure to check out our panel at 4:00 PM Friday, October 19th!

It’s “The Mystery and Science of Pinball Theater”! See our amazing video riff of classic Bally-Williams promo videos, using Spooky Pinball’s perfect replicas of some famous hot-glue robots. This is followed by a live “game show” where the audience can win a bunch of great prizes from Spooky Pinball sponsors.

ZT software tool: translate ipv4 to ipv6

Also at the show, look for Ben Heck Zombie Adventureland T-shirts that can be signed by myself, John Popadiuk, or both!

Hope to see you all there!

Midwest Gaming Classic 2012

It’s almost that time of year again – time for the Midwest Gaming Classic!

Aside from classic gaming they also have lots and lots of Pinball! Enjoy homebrew games from Team Heck and Spooky Pinball such as:

1) Lost – hopefully with the final playfield installed!

2) Godzilla – now with sound!

3) Bill Paxton Pinball – with an improved shooter lane and a Start button that actually adds players the right way.

Hope to see you there!