Xbox 360 Slim Portable with New Colors!

Have you noticed the new branding of the Xbox 360? I have, so I made my latest Slim Laptop match! It’s an all-white shell, with metallic insides, but has the new “green swoosh” colors that you see on all the new games and packaging.

Other than that, it’s the same as the last 360 Slim portable I built, with the exception of the Power and Eject buttons which I made back into regular buttons.

For more pics and a video, see the rest of this article.

The colors swoop around the back a little bit. I copied the pattern from “Fallout: New Vegas” (the bugs that happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas).

I think it looks pretty cool, and matches the new dashboard very well (see video).

Unit opens like the others via McMaster-Carr friction hinges.

Of course the next step will be to build one of these with a built-in Kinect camera – so stay tuned for that not-so-shocking revelation!

71 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Slim Portable with New Colors!”

  1. Dude ben! That thing is amazing! why did you switch to normal buttons? The touch sensitive buttons not feel right?

  2. I hadn’t even thought of building in the Kinect camera. Awesome! Nice swooshing, Ben.

  3. Nice look. Hmm. Any chance of you guys doing a single quick podcast episode just for New Vegas? I’d really like to hear what you think of it.

  4. you are amazing at your work, i would love to know how to buy one of your projects, how much it would cost. please email me.

  5. i agree with tj its pretty nice, do you sell them if so where?:does it play normal xbox 360 games, and online by big man please email me to answer my question please

  6. nooooooo
    it’s a Xbox SLIM not fat ಥ﹏ಥ
    I really like your mods and builds, but –
    why are you always making everything so big?? I’m not a modder but I know a LOT about electronics and bet I could make it much thiner than that… (if I had enough money for a xbox xD)

    But hey, keep up the great work! I really like your ideas 🙂

  7. Hi Ben! Just wanted to thank you for your labor of love here!

    Keep up the great work! You’re a natural and you should be (way more) famous!

    God bless!

  8. Hey i would love yo buy one so can u email me about that and also dont u need to plug an xbox into an outlet

  9. Earlier this year we corresponded regarding cost’s of an XBOX 360 Laptop. Please contact me with a price for a slim.

    Thank you.

  10. very interested in getting one of the slims. I would appreciate some info…price, availability, design styles…thanks. look forward to hearing from you.

  11. I would love to own one of these brilliant creations. Please email me the price of one as soon as you read this. I thought there was a sweepstakes for one but i guess i am wrong. Nice work keep it up.

  12. I would really (emphasize) like one but obviously this will be over 3000$. If I send you my X box will you build it for me for under 100$. If not can you send me a detailed video on how to, my uncle is a German computer builder plz send how to.

  13. hey there, cant see a way of contacting you, but if you sell these, could you email me a price, i dont mind pay a bit extra for one. cheers

  14. love your work
    have bin modding for years, and after watching your episodes on windows media center about this xbox 360 s you have made me want to do some ac dc split work on power suppy for desk top lcd,
    thank you with blessing use all with your knowlege
    your and your team are gods in my eyes

  15. Hey Ben I would like to get one of those amazing laptops do you know where I can get one or if you will sell one because it would make my day if u would sell one please thanks for reading this if you do

  16. Hey ben, just wondering do you build these as projects or for a company itself like Microsoft as this is a product you can see many people are interested in, I myself would Certainly be interested but obviously it’s not as simple as just asking for one, if you can email me I would love to know what you aim to do with your projects and maybe details of future plans for them all. Thank you

  17. I want one, how can I buy one of these, I desperately want one of these and I’ll shell out at least £200 for it (yes, I am British)!!

  18. What if i was interested in buying lets say 10 of these what would the price for one be for one individually and maybe even done in the new black colors for slim?

  19. id love to get my hands on one of these. but how much are they and how do i get one?
    if youd send me an email that would be great. thanks

  20. Just read your article in the new issue of Game Informer. Pretty cool stuff you do. I am very interested in purchasing on of the 360’s or if you are able, letting you do something with mine. How much would that cost? Thanks a lot.

  21. To those who say its not portable your wrong now not quite accsesable maybe and a battery opperated system is not quite all-they way there…. also were may I get a price estimate?

  22. How can I get one of the XBox 360 Portables? I am an airline pilot and could really use one on my trips!! Thanks!

  23. Hey ben I was wondering can u make me one of those xbox 360 laptops ? Cause I really want one of those so I can play on the road

  24. People pay attention!!!!!!!!! if you go to projects for sale at the top right of the screen it gives you prices.
    » Xbox 360 / PS3 / large laptop project: $4000-$6000.
    You know for everyone braggin in here that they are so computer savy alot of you missed this pretty basic step.
    Ben keep up the good work your designs are always awesome.

  25. Wow that sweet
    So how much do you have to pay to get my xbox360 changed into something like that

  26. Two things. 1) can I have a price estimate of this? I am willing to pay anywhere from 150 to 350 us dollars. 2) my idea. Send one of these to Microsoft, you both could make a lot of money off this, especially a kinect enabled one!

  27. Hey Ben love your work… How could I get one of the Xbox 360 laptops??? please let me know….

  28. Hi ben I am amazed at the stuuf I have seen on youtube and also on this website. I was really wondering what the price would be to get my hands on something like this or to possibly send you my xbox and pay parts/labor for you to transform it into this please let me know and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  29. Dear Ben Heck-
    i would love to know where to get one of these Xbox 360 slim portables, if they are not for sale could you please contact me and maybe i could see the price and you could sell one to me or send me directions on how to make one thx so much i will respond to your emails to so please contact me-thx

  30. dear ben heck-
    the new xbox looks great i was wondering where i can buy one or what the price range

  31. Hey Ben, Can the laptop have an Xbox Live Wireless Adapter Plugged into it? Because if it did i could be playing with my buddies using a “laptop”. Thx, and how much to buy one?

  32. ben, this is awsome. if i sent you a lap top and an xbox 360 would you be able to make one of these with an ethernet cable input and a standered wall outlet powerchord. (because i wouldnt want to run the battery all the time and i do not always like to use wifi) The one that you made, does it have an audio in put for turtle beaches?

  33. hey can u post it on face book on how to make it like how to make a xbox360 portable part 1 and go on and on and on

  34. I love all of ur work but i would love for u to make a battery powered x-box 360 laptop i dont need a kinect camera i would pay 250 at the most i am hoping that i could get it for christmas

  35. if you go to the store at the top of the page you can see where to buy them and how much, and tyson it ain’t 275

  36. hey ben what happend to the website you had showing how to build one of these? if its no longer up could u possiby post some sort of tutorial on how to do it, would be much apprieciated

  37. and also is there any way of making these things actually portable so you dont have to plug it into the mains? oh and would you be able to still connect it to your TV?

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