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Since I’m building a Bill Paxton themed pinball machine and Katheryn Bigelow won an Oscar last night, I figured I should share this video with anyone who hasn’t seen it.

REACH (Martini Ranch)

The song is from Paxton’s band, the video was directed by James Cameron and includes Katheryn Bigelow as a cowgirl hunting down Paxton. These are strange days, to be sure. You’ll get the point after the break, unless you become a widowmaker.

Star Trek Review

A bunch of us went and saw the new Star Trek movie on Sunday. I think there were around 10 of us, which is kind of a large number of people to get to go see a movie at once, especially Star Trek. Maybe Paramount has less to worry about with its “mass appeal” than it thought!

Something special about this movie is that you can tell within just a few minutes that it’s gonna be good. It reminded me of the first time I saw the Matrix, Agent Smith says “No Lieutenant, your men are already dead…”  or more appropriately the beginning of Finding Nemo, where the movie’s barely started, a mass fish egg genocide has occurred and you’re already feeling an emotional attachment to the characters.

My short review is that it kicked ass, with only a few quibbles. For a longer review and better reasons to see it, read on below!

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Buy the Possumus Woman Costume!

I am getting rid of all sorts of stuff I don’t want to move, and that includes the Possumus Woman costume!

I never get attached to our movie props since they usually all get destroyed, so to me this is just one more piece of crap laying around. Besides, when we make “Possumus Man 3: Son of Possumus” in 2021 I’ll probably have some new ideas about a costume anyway.

COSTUME SOLD! Have fun with it!

Own a piece of movie history and impress all of your friends! Have fun…

Beyond Port Washington

Click here for full-sized version

It’s official! Due to overwhelming demand the next Ben Heckendorn movie is going to be a sequel to one of our most popular titles called “Beyond Port Washington”.


It has been 5 years since the events of the first movie. Steve and Erica have been living together for a while now, things are going well, and marriage is on the horizon. However Mike has latched into a deep depression, much like Steve in the first movie, and has grown distant from his friends.

Living in New York, but back in the area on vacation, Ben decides to enlist the help of Steve and Erica to help Mike out. But after helping with some sneaky tricks, Erica realizes that Ben and Mike in fact influenced her love for Steve, and the cat’s out of the bag!

Now Erica questions the validity of her own relationship with Steve, but with a proposal looming can’t bring herself to tell him the truth. Meanwhile Ben embarks on a quest to find Mike’s dream girl – a mysterious World of Warcraft player known only as “hot_69_chik”.

Expect all of the madcap thrills, spills of laughs of the first movie with some new surprises along the way. The script, once again written by Ben Heckendorn and Dale Nauertz, has been underway since last fall and filming is slated to commence this summer. All major characters are returning.

Realistically we hope to finish it by Christmas 2010, I’m not going to kid myself with post production but I think if anything “Possumus Woman” shows we’ve sped the process up.

Stay tuned!

Read Sal Salazar’s review of “Role Models!”

A few weeks ago several of us saw the new comedy “Role Models” at an advance screening. Dale Nauertz, who played Sal Salazar in Possumus Woman, wrote a review on his site and it was even linked-to by the film’s director. It is pretty entertaining, like a 1990’s SNL offshoot movie movie but smarter and rated R.

So if you’re considering going to see it, why not check out what Dale had to say?

Gallery of Possumus Woman production photos + original music downloads

I uploaded a bunch of them to Flickr, you can check them out here. Note: some have now been pruned out so it will show a broader range of the production and fit within the Flickr 200 photo limit.

You can also now download the two original songs from Possumus Woman using these links:

Possum Monster Syndrome (end credits song)
Death Possum Mix (played over boating scene)

Contest winners of the “Design a Lame Mega Man robot villain” coming soon!