Podcast Episode 109


This month’s fun topics include:

  • Microsoft making a MEGA-ACQUISITION? Possibly buying EA or Valve? We discuss!
  • What each of us would do with a billion dollars (AKA Why does Gabe Newell even need to sell?)
  • Why do gamers hate EA so much? Lootboxes? Let’s compare them to state lotteries!
  • What sort of revenue-driving DLC is appropriate? What sort of things have we bought before?
  • Anthem – EA”s answer to Destiny. But will anyone care by time it’s released?
  • Han Solo movie coming! Will it be any good?
  • Critical response to movies vs audience.
  • And finally, we discuss Lilo & Stitch for some reason.

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A new month, a new podcast! Topics include:

  • Jones saw Justice League SPOILER WARNING!
    • We also discuss Suicide Squad.
    • Do movie critics have a “Marvel Bias”?
    • Why aren’t people going to Justice League despite loving Wonder Woman?
    • How obvious are the reshoots?
  • Disney wants to buy Fox – we discuss!
    • Why do they want Fox?
    • Disney no longer has sub-brands that make R-rated adult fare.
    • Why Fox’s risk-taking is underappreciated.
    • Ben tries to explain Die Hard 5 (The One in Russia) to Jones.
  • Ben interrogates Jones about Tom Cruise Mummy Movie + Mission Impossible: Mustache Protocol
  • More gaming discussion! Jones hates Porgs!

Enjoy, and have a happy holiday season!

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Welcome to fall! This month’s topics include:

  • Amazon package delivery and Cabs Vs Uber.
  • Jones needs a new computer! Ben and Parker offer advice.
  • New Tomb Raider movie – is it going to be any good?
  • What made Indiana Jones good vs modern “adventure” films AKA the death of straightforward, simple plots.
  • Ben discusses Cuphead.
  • Parker brings up Duke Nukem Forever as he does on every podcast.
  • Discussing Ghost Squad 2 – our 2017 Halloween YouTube Special.
  • Our movie predictions always come true – we discuss!
  • In the movie Blade Runner, examples of why Deckard was terrible at his job of being a Blade Runner.
  • I try to convince Jones to watch Black Mirror.
  • Dead Space memories.


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