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Playstation 3 Portable

After about 14 months of on-again-off-again work I have finally finished a Playstation 3 Portable:

My long-awaited PS3 portable
Wanna see more? Check out Engadget.com!

Some quick specs:

  • Original 60 gig PS3 model with backwards compatibility.
  • 17″ HDTV 720p screen, with HDMI connection. (Same as last Xbox 360 laptop)
  • Built-in keyboard and stereo audio amplifier.
  • Measures 17″ x 13.75″ x 3″ (actually thinner than a stock PS3) and weighs 16 pounds!

You can view more photos on the main story page at Engadget.com. In the coming weeks the “Making Of” articles will follow.

This unit was built by their request and is intended to be auctioned off for charity – more details to come. Since I am already busy with other things, I will not be making any more of these. Feel free to email and ask for other custom design work or inquiries, however!

Ben’s Hack Pick of the Week – Wooden NES

My hack pick this week is a wooden Nintendo portable built by Parker Dillmann:

All natural and with the fresh scent of the forest!
Goes great with any decor!

It uses one of those Yobo NES’s you can find at game stores and an AEI electronics screen. You can read his “Making Of” story by clicking here.

Remember, if you or a friend has done a cool project you’d like featured on my site, send it in using the link over on the right. If possible, have a website documenting your construction.

Benheck Video Podcast Episode 41

We’re back with our 41st episode which is also our 3rd episode done in video. As usual I didn’t have time to make it as awesome as I’d like due to time constraints, but I hope you all enjoy it regardless.

I actually bought the leet sauce since it's hotter...
Jason Jones, left, and Ben Heckendorn, center, discuss buying a bottle of “nOOb sauce” at a MGC booth.

In this exciting episode we visit the 2008 Midwest Gaming Classic in Oconomowoc, WI. Thrill as we wander around buying things, comment on the items in the gaming museum and talk to fans and customers. The main meat of the video is my presentation at this year’s show, which includes “Ben’s Modding Tips”, new and upcoming projects and a brief question and answer session.

Watch Benheck.com Podcast Episode 41


Reuters story / interview

In case you were wondering why the server was so slow yesterday Reuters did a write up on me and as usual everything came to a standstill. I couldn’t even log in to talk about it! Please refrain from the usual “get a new server” commenting below, obviously I know this.
Anyway if you’d like to read it simply click here.

RE podcasts, we’re a week late, it’s because we plan to do a video podcast at the Midwest Gaming Classic. So we’ll see you all there tomorrow! ‘Cast should be up Monday.