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Xbox 360 component video + HDMI

Did some experimenting with the HDMI and component connections of the Xbox 360 while doing some more modding to the latest Xbox 360 laptop. Now I will bore you all with my findings.

Yes that's a Wii sitting there, what of it?
Xbox 360 portable outputting component video

Originally I didn’t think you could have the HDMI connected and still get a component signal (which is required to have any sort of “external output” on an HDMI-enabled 360 laptop) but I have found the way. For some boring discussion and the how-to, check the rest of the story. I figured I should post this stuff in case it’s of use to anybody.

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New 65nm CPU *not found* in very new Xbox 360

As probably the most prolific single buyer of Xbox 360 consoles on the planet, I would like to pass along news of NOT finding a new 65nm GPU in the latest Xbox 360 I disassembled.

I was in Target and after dodging the usual throngs of people trying to buy dust collectors – I mean Wiis – and I saw they had the new Kung-Fu Panda 60 gig Xbox 360’s. The manufacture date and lot number were both well above what had been reported to be the new chips, so I bought it.

Upon taking it apart, it had the same old GPU as before, though there were other further changes to the board even past 60 gig units I’d bought a month ago. I have no doubt it’s coming, and I plan to be the first to find one. But alas, not yet.

Reported elsewhere to have new chipset: Manufacture date 8-26-08 and up, lot number 0831 and up.

Benheck confirmed NO new chipset: Manufacture date 9-4-08, lot number 0836.

UPDATE: Apparently one of these has been found in the wild (but not by me, just to be clear) with the following specs:

  • 150W power supply (sounds about right)
  • Manufacture date: 10/23/2008 (that’s very new)
  • Lot number 0843X (what is that, a year in a Mega Man game?)

Once I find one myself I will of course rip it completely apart and share the new GPU with the world! Apparently it also has 256 megs of onboard memory as well, probably because of NXE.

Sneak peak – Pelican Case Xbox 360 designed for Overseas Active Service Use

Over the years I’ve received many requests to build portable games system that could be used by our troops overseas, but nothing ever materialized. I was also inspired when I saw the Pelican cases that were used by Clint Green to transport gaming systems around the Walter Reed clinic for patient use.

So one day I decided that I would just build one and see what happens – kind of like what I used to do with projects before the requests starting outpacing my creativity. Podcast co-host Jason Jones is chipping in on the costs. Below is the progress:

Oh yeah four speakers baby!
Wow, it’s obviously done and ready for a magazine spread!

The idea here is to stuff an Xbox 360 and LCD screen inside a Pelican 1490 case. There are no “through hole screws” so when closed the case maintains all of its sealing and protective properties. Thus the power plug and even DVD lid will be all on the inside surface of the unit when complete (requiring the DVD drive to be converted to a pop-open lid type rather than drawer, one of the trickier aspects of this job).

For some more pics and specs, click below. I’m posting this early because it’s kind of a slow, backburner kind of project and I’d just like to gauge the interest ahead of time, so if this might of use to you please email me. This will probably be finished in November after I get the THQ laptop done. Estimated cost is about 40% of what I usually charge for an Xbox 360 laptop. Display is a 17″ widescreen.

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Sneak peak at the THQ laptop prize

Usually I don’t show works-in-progress, but THQ wanted me to keep people in the loop so here’s a quick look at the Darksiders laptop.

It’s similar in size to my previous Xbox 360 laptops but a little bigger.

  • A little more room allows a lot more features as this one includes a slot to insert a full-sized Xbox 360 hard drive.
  • Also both memory card slots are available, so taking your home profile “on the road” will be a piece of cake.
  • The Xbox Live camera is included, as well as Wi-Fi.
  • The 2 circles on either side will be the speakers. Also note all buttons are front-mounted, sync, eject and the remaining USB port.

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Win a Benheck Xbox 360 Laptop from THQ

I’ve partnered with THQ to provide a prize in their Darksiders sweepstakes – an Xbox 360 laptop, built by myself and painted by Joe Mad, based off the game.

Subject to change, but I hope not

Concept drawing of the design. But instead of white, imagine art painted all over it…

Not only that, but this will be the best Xbox 360 laptop yet! The design features a dock for a full-size, unaltered Xbox 360 hard drive, so you can share data with your home console. Astounding. Additionally, both memory card slots are accessible, should you need those for some reason. Other features include the usual built-in WiFi and Xbox Live Vision camera. One big change is lack of keyboard – it’s useless 99% of the time anyway and they have those chat pads for the controllers as it is.

Contest ends in October I believe, so by all means head on over to their site, take a look around, and get entered. Thanks to Adam King at THQ for providing myself and the community this opportunity!

Click here to get in on the action:community.darksidersvideogame.com

(This should explain why I cracked open a 60 gig Xbox 🙂

Building an Xbox 360 Laptop

It has come to my attention that my green Xbox 360 laptop is in the new Popular Science – I did an interview with them a while back, but I didn’t know exactly which issue it was for. I guess it’s the new June one!

It's back, back in the New York groove, it's back!

For those of you wanting to try a project like this, the Engadget articles below can help supplement the Popular Science article:

Part 1 – Xbox Begins

Part 2 – Return of the Xbox

Part 3 – The Final Countdown

Also, for the first time ever, I am making available the Adobe Illustrator (AI) files used to design all 3 Xbox laptop thus far! You’ll need AI 10 or newer to open them, so any reasonably recent version should be good.

Original white water-cooled 360 laptop, 2006

Black 360 laptop, 2007

Green Halo-inspired 360 laptop, 2008

Also now would be a good time to talk a little more about the new chipset. From what I have seen the old chipset has been pretty much “washed from the shelves” though I did see a 203 watt Arcade unit when I bought my last Xbox for modding 2 weeks ago. The new chipset 360’s have a 65nm process CPU, use a lot less power and (the CPU at least) runs a lot cooler, so use them if you can. All Xbox 360’s now have the supplemental GPU heatsink, though the GPU is now by far the hottest part of the system, so it actually needs more cooling consideration now than the tri-core CPU.

What to look for:

  • On the box below “Xbox 360” text: “Go Play” (arcade) “Go Pro” (premium) “Go Big” (elite)
  • On the side of the box, under specs, the word “Falcon” (name for this revision of motherboard)
  • If it is listed on the side sticker (not always anymore) 175 watts for power. (203 watts is the old one)
  • The lot number should be above 0740 but this isn’t always sure-fire, the other signs are better.
  • After Opening: The power supply will be labeled 175 watts.
  • Camera though bottom of unit trick: Check out that link, which shows what the new GPU heat sink looks like, as well as the old copper heat pipe CPU heat sink. On the new Xbox the CPU heat sink should be a simple, less shiny aluminum block WITHOUT the vertical copper heat pipe.

Have fun and happy modding! Also be sure to check out our forums for lots of great help and tips.