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Updates on the Progress of Things…

Well I just finished the design for the new Xbox 360 laptops. They’re quite similar to the THQ models, but “optimized” for easier construction. All the of side plates/DVD drive lids are flush with the sides of the case, the screws holding the lid on are around the screen (like the C64 laptop) instead of the top of the unit. Also I’ve ditched the camera, added a USB port, Ethernet port and the volume control is digital with up & down buttons. I guess it is fairly different!

Should have the first couple of these done in late June, so if you’re interested let me know!

In other news, Mike Troxel and I are building another C64 laptop, this time using the 1541-Ultimate via the cartridge slot. The idea is to auction it off for charity, so if you’ve been drooling over the prospect of having your very own C64 laptop, your dream could come true!

You’re not supposed to take photos inside of Warner Brothers, so if I had taken one (which, um, of course I didn’t!) it would have gone above.

Finally, I was in LA on Monday for the Jace Hall show. It was a lot of fun and the resulting segment should be pretty entertaining. I’ll post a link once they have it done.

Xbox 360 Controller Monitor (Rev 2)

Controller Monitor Rev 2

I have completed a new style of my Xbox 360 Controller monitor, which now includes indicators for the analog sticks, providing even more data for playtesting.

Currently these controllers are being used for playtesting on Modern Warfare 2, the new Wolfenstien game’s multiplayer, and this particular prototype for Mass Effect 2.

For more information, videos and to order one for your own company’s playtesting please visit the product page. I plan to do a run of these if there is sufficient interest.

Darksiders Xbox 360 laptop for THQ

Gray is the new black

Here is the Xbox 360 laptop prize for THQ’s “Darksiders” game. The casing / shell design was done by myself and then Colorware (over in Minnesota – go midwest!) printed graphics on it using Joe Madureira artwork as a basis.

The volume knob part is bad design, I know, I know...

It’s pretty slick looking, I’d heard of Colorware before but this is first time I’ve seen what they can do in person. Very glossy! The game itself comes out later this year I believe.

For the making of story and more pictures and video, click below.

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Xbox 360 combo at Circuit City for a Great Price!

Still sitting on the fence about getting an Xbox 360? Rumors in the press got you down? Well consider this:

What a bargain!

As we all know, Circuit City is going under. This is very sad for me as I always preferred them over Best Buy. But as James Earl Jones said in the Lion King “everything is a circle of life”… or whatever. Find opportunity in despair!

Right now Circuit City has 10% off on game systems and 30% off accessories. This means you can get an Arcade console for $180 and a 60 gig add-on hard drive for $70… a total of $250. Equivalent to the $300 Xbox in functionality, yet the same price as the Wii.

Of course the $300 Xbox would now be $270, but keep in mind with the Arcade you still have a much better chance of it being a Jasper, also the hard drive add-on comes with 3 months of Xbox Live as well!

If you need an Xbox and there’s a Circuit City close to you this deal is really too good to pass up. Also, strangely enough, our Circuit City has been getting NEW stock in yet, including a whole pile of Jasper 360’s, the newest lot number I’ve seen yet in fact (0850X) So why not check it out?

For information on how to spot a Jasper Xbox 360 in the wild, see this page. Happy hunting!

NOTE: It’s even cheaper now, 20% off minimum.

3600 Controller

OK so yesterday I had my Facebook status as saying I was “being frustrated by potentiometers” – a rather normal day for me, really. For whatever reason this prompted one of my friends to suggest I build an Xbox 360 controller inside of an Atari 2600 controller shell. And I thought “That’s dumb enough to work!”

A mere 5 hours later I had what you see above – the 3600 controller! This is an Atari 2600 controller with wireless Xbox 360 controller guts inside of it – batteries too. The big red “fire” button is “A”, other buttons are attached to the top:

Granted this wasn’t a pay project (rather a UPP – un-paid project!) but it was a nice break from what I was doing. It isn’t usable for standard Xbox 360 games but adequate for many Arcade games and other low-level tomfoolery.

For the sure-to-be thrilling story of how I did it, check after the break. I kind of did a cheat to get controller guts into this small of a shell…

Oh you can also download this pulse-pounding demo video of the controller in action.

Note: despite the mention of Facebook, I prefer to limit it to people I know / acquaintances, so please do not be offended if friend requests go ignored.

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Pelican Case Xbox 360

Behold – a completely normal looking Pelican case!

My latest project is an Xbox 360 stuffed inside of a Pelican 1490 case. The intention here to create a “tough” portable Xbox 360 that can be transported with ease.

Enter missile launch codes here.
Xbox 360 inside a Pelican 1490 case

This unit includes:

  • 17″ widescreen LCD monitor.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • Power cable compartment.
  • Reworked top-loading DVD drive.
  • Removable hard drive.
  • Ethernet and USB ports.

This unit was built because I’ve had a lot of requests for game consoles that could be used overseas by our servicemen and women and I thought it’d be interesting to take a crack at the concept. It was not built on consignment, a rarity for me these days, so it is up for grabs. I’m also interested the larger-scale possibilities of this kind of project if anyone has any ideas/money.

For the fairly detailed “Making-Of” check the story after the break. You can also click here to view a video demonstrating the unit.

The idea for this unit was inspired by Clint Green’s cases that I saw last May in D.C., you can check out his site at www.greenbarron.com/armoredgaming.

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Inside an Xbox 360 Jasper

From what I have seen, this is the box to look for.

Slight update for you all… I found another Jasper, this time in a small town Wal-Mart. Same place I found my first Falcon. For those hunting the Jasper, small towns are a good bet because usually Wal-Mart is the only place to buy anything, thus the throughput is higher, thus they get newer units faster.

Seems the Sega Superstars Tennis pack-in labeling is the box to look for. This was a team FDOU, lot #0834X. However unlike the lot #0842X, this units power supply was marked 150W.

175W Falcon PSU on left, 150W Jasper on the right.  Though different they are fairly similar, there wasn’t as much change as between the 203W and 175W versions.

For more pics and details of how you can spot one in a store, check out my article on Engadget.

I still have not seen a 60 gig version of the Jasper. However you can get those 60 gig drive kits for $99, which can turn your Jasper Arcade into a 60 giger for the same cost, plus you’ll get 3 months of Xbox Live. Win-win.

Shouldn’t be rocket science but the Elites seem to be the slowest selling these days and will likely be the last to get Jasperized (new term).