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It’s that time of the year again! In this Christmas special podcast we have our long-gesturing “Mel Gibson’s Nativity Story” intro (not for the easily offended), followed by each of our picks for:

  • Game of the Year
  • Game of the Decade
  • Movies of the Decade.

Finally we spend a far amount of time discussing the most revolutionary, woodenly acted, game-changing, generically plotted, astounding movie of all time AVATAR! Enjoy…

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For additional fun, here’s a link to Jones’ review of “Avatar” on his website. Podcast Episode 65

We’re back again! In the last podcast we forgot to talk about the Xbox Dashboard update beta that Jones is participating in. Thus, we cranked out this new podcast quickly so we could discuss these changes before the update goes live.

We also – once again – discuss how Robert Zemekis needs to ditch the motion capture and make real movies again, other things we’re tired of in movies, and of course Modern Warfare 2.

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Hey we’re back on a sort-of-regular schedule again! (Must be all the fiber)

In this episode we discuss:

  1. The ever-fabled Christmas podcast intro.
  2. Skymall
  3. The current 3D rage in movies. Does it add to the experience, will it last and why don’t you get a discount for re-using your glasses?
  4. Retail copies of games including DLC codes as a “bonus” for people that buy it new. Will this curb used game sales, or is it a slippery slope of death towards “crippling” used games?
  5. Online gaming in PC’s versus consoles. This stems from the changes found in the PC version of Modern Warfare 2. What things do PC gamers cling too, and what console-like features might they actually appreciate?

We actually rambled on for quite a while in this podcast and completely forgot to talk about the new Xbox Live update which Jones has had for a while. If possible we will try and get the next podcast done before that actually comes out so we’ll still appear timely.

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We’re still here after 62 podcasts with #63! Granted we don’t always get them out as regular as we used to, but hey, they keep coming don’t they?

In this podcast we discuss the Zune HD versus iPod Touch, Zune Marketplace versus iTunes, Uncharted 2 and Jones’ foray into the amazing experience of Fallout 3. As always, enjoy! (Or not, your choice)

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Addendum to podcast: Having beaten Uncharted 2 now I’d say it is worth the praise heaped upon it. While the variety of enemies remained lame throughout, the ingenuity and scope of the setpieces is amazing and puts all other action games to shame. Also the storytelling, motion capture and cutscene voice acting is top notch and I really cared about the outcome of the characters.

Ever see the under-appreciated Disney movie “Atlantis”? Well the second half of Uncharted 2 is basically like that movie but in the snow. (That’s meant as a compliment by the way) It’s a great game and one every PS3 owner should seek out. Sony may not have as many exclusives as it once did, but the ones they do have are excellent and more interesting – to me at least – than the exclusive titles seen on the Xbox.