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Yes that’s correct – we haven’t given up on the podcast. Just been busy with the show.

In this belated episode we discuss:

1) The music industry, including the Hollywood Slutification Machine ™ that turns wholesome singers into trashy skanks.

2) Game we enjoyed in 2010, and our ‘Game of the Year’ picks. Gain insider knowledge into how many hours Ben has on Bad Company 2!

3) Jones’ disappointment with Gran Turismo 5. (Hey, at least it came out)

4) The anti-gaming law Arnold keep shoving through the courts. What a hypocrite.

Also includes impressions of Jar-Jar Binks, info on things we’re doing besides the show and much, much more!

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In today’s timely episode, we’re not going to speculate on new products like we normally do. Nonsense! Rather, we’re going to report directly on what we’ve played right here at E3. Highlights include:

1) Xbox 360 Kinect, formerly known as Natal.

2) Jones taking a voyeuristic photo of Jessica Chobot.

3) PlayStation Move

…and, in a rare case of me liking something from modern Nintendo…

4) The Nintendo 3DS.

Also includes impressions of Rock Band 3, OnLive service, Nintendo booth’s resemblance to a strip club and much, much more.

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We’re back! In this newest, thrilling episode we discuss:

1) The Lost finale. Spoilers abound!

2) Smart Phones and things that are cool about the iPad.

3) Red Dead Redemption, AKA “Grand Theft Horse”. Also, how “Dances with Wolves” isn’t a Western, but “Roadhouse” is.

4) Actors who don’t seem to age, like Keith David and Kevin Kline. (Richard Dreyfuss is not in this club)

5) More Star Wars Episode 1 impressions than you probably care to hear, plus the movies “9” versus “Nine”.

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Recorded live from the Midwest Gaming Classic , it’s the podcast with special guest Dale Nauertz!

Listen and be amazed as we discuss:

1) The “Best Actress Curse” and the hotness of Sandra Bullock.

2) L-shaped bedsheets and the plot of the never-going-to-happen Port Washington 2, plus what we’re planning for the going-to-happen Possumus Man 3 in 2021.

3) The 3D “movie tax” and the death of documentaries in IMAX.

And much, much more…

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We’re back with another amazing podcast! In this episode we discuss:

  • Movie reviewers should quit. With terrible movies coming out every weekend (and making money every weekend) it’s clear nobody reads, or cares, about movie reviews. We discuss.
  • Bioshock 2 and Mass Effect 2.
  • The Cider House Rules.
  • Why videogame quality keeps going up while movie quality keeps going down.
  • Crappy romantic comedies / Matthew McConaughey’s aversion to shirts.


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