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Ben Heck “Steam Box” Concept with AMD APU


My idea of a “Steam Box”

Last winter I built several projects for AMD to highlight their new line of APU’s (Accelerated Processing Units) which are combination CPU’s and graphics card on a single die.

Most of the projects used concepts from AMD, but for one showcase item I got to build “whatever I wanted” so I took a crack at my rendition of a living room PC that could function as a “Steam Box”. Please note this isn’t associated with Steam/Valve, rather it’s my own concept of how a living room “Steam Box” could be put together.

Click below to see the making of!


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Xbox One Thoughts

God this thing looks huge. That's what she said.

A photo of the Xbox One, stolen off the internet

After a record long console generation (8 years, double the 4 between Xbox and 360) we finally get word of the new Xbox One. The first impression is that nobody in MS marketing knows how to count. We went from 1, to 360, to 1 again. Of course, no first console is called “One” in its lifetime but for the first time ever the numbering goes backwards? Reboot perhaps?

Find how to test hair for drugs.

All jargon aside, the only, and I mean ONLY reason the 360 was called such was because in the battle-that-never-happened of Xbox 2 versus Playstation 3, which sounded better? Remember, consumers are stupid (see the Twilight films). This time around, I think they’re going for a play on words, ie, Xbox One sounds like “Xbox WON”, some sort of subliminal advertising. As Red Letter Media would saw “You may not have noticed, but your brain did”

Click below to read more of my impressions.

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Enjoy a Movie Night with Benheck.com!

You will be unprepared.

Watch “Possumus Man” sort of instantly from your browser or mobile device. Or your PS3, I don’t care.

Yes, by popular request I have uploaded all of my movies to the new server. You can check them out and download by visiting the Movies page.

Watch a movie I made at the age of 19 (and re-edited at 31) with Possumus Man! Shortly after, we made a feature-length adventure movies called – get this – Adventure!

A few years later we popped out a sequel – The Adventurous! In 2000, around the time I made my first portable, I did a 1950’s style movie called Lizard of Death! This is probably still my personal favorite.

Then I spent much of the 00’s making a romantic comedy Port Washington! That movie took such a chunk out of my soul I haven’t watched it since.

Finally, you can see our more recent movies (and the only one in HD and 5.1 surround) Possumus Woman – the sequel nobody asked for but we made anyway.

Pop some popcorn, turn down the lights and enjoy!

Ben Heck Show Episode 13 – Portable Work Bench

Yes, the new bench is there, under all that stuff. Great for a home “work station”, as opposed to a play station.

A popular “character” from past episodes gets its own build in today’s episode of The Ben Heck Show. http://www.element-14.com/tbhs

Yes, it’s the new and improved Portable Work Bench! Follow along as we build a new one, complete with awesome wood stain, and find the designs to try your own on element14.com.

Also, don’t forget to register for the Midwest Gaming Classic! CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE REGISTRATION PAGE. Be one of the first people to play my new “Lost” pinball prototype and of course, try to beat the high score on Paxton which has yet to be surpassed from last year!

10 Years of Benheck.com

This month marks the 10 year anniversary of my work on the web! While the original VCSp was done in spring of 2000, the original GeoCities site itself wasn’t created until the fall. Shortly after, it moved to Classicgaming.com where it stayed until spring of 2004, when I started my own domain “Benheck.com”. I went with that name because it was an available 7 letter dot com – couldn’t pass it up! Little did I realize I was creating my new nickname. Oh well.

It’s been a long, interesting journey since then and I’d like to thank everyone who supported me along the way and bought my products.

As a fun treat, you can visit a replica of the old site by clicking the image above. This is the oldest working replica of the old site I could find in my archives. Almost all of the old data / stories is on this site as well, just check out the Site Archives link on the lower left to pick a year.

Stay tuned next weekend for the reveal of the new XBox 360 Slim laptop (and watch my show to see how we built it).

For a personal list of what I felt were my best, worst, most influential and favorite projects of the last decade, continue reading!

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